LTO to Use Mobile Devices to Issue Violation Tickets and Electronic Temporary Operator’s Permit

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) is introducing an automated system for traffic violations, a move aimed to advance digitalization and eliminate corruption. Utilizing the handheld device, this system will automatically enter any violations into the LTO online database.

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The Land Transportation Office proclaimed that law enforcement officers would be furnished with Law Enforcement Handheld Mobile Devices (LEHMD) to generate electronic Temporary Operators’ Permits (TOP), allowing handwritten TOPs to become a thing of the past.

Jose Arturo “Jay Art” Tugade, head of the LTP, proclaimed that no one can meddle with a violation once it is added to the LEHMD.

lto to issue digital violation tickets electronic temporary operators permit

No More Manual Temporary Operators’ Permits (TOP)

LTO traffic enforcers will no longer issue manual TOPs. Instead of a manual handwritten paper ticket, you will receive machine-generated TOPs (e-TOP: electronic Temporary Operator Permit).

The subsequent step of the LTO’s digitization endeavor, he declares, is to facilitate cashless transaction options for traffic infractions when they are apprehended.

With the assistance of LEHMD’s camera and fingerprint scanner, a traffic enforcer working for LTO can easily verify whether or not the license presented is genuine. Additionally, this powerful tool also functions as a facial recognition scanner!

Utilizing two mobile data SIM cards for web access, the devices are able to transfer information to the LTO system. Even if there is no internet connection available, LEHMD can still issue a violation ticket.

As soon as the mobile data connection is enabled, all transactions will be instantly uploaded and stored in the LTO system servers.

To guarantee their proficiency, LTO enforcers underwent a comprehensive review of LEHMDs usage. To guarantee they are in proper working condition, the devices were rigorously field tested.

LTO Upgrading and Going Digital

This is a step towards a more efficient and reliable traffic violation management system. This move is expected to reduce corruption and improve the overall operations of the LTO. Furthermore, this will help provide the Filipino people with a better experience when it comes to dealing with traffic-related violations.

The LTO encourages everyone to practice responsible driving in order to avoid any difficulties or violations. This will ensure everyone’s safety on the roads and help promote responsible driving in the Philippines.

Below is a post about this announcement as shared on the official Facebook Page of LTO Philippines. So to everyone, please be guided accordingly:

lto to use automated digital tickets when issuing violations


The Land Transportation Office is committed to providing a safe, secure, and efficient digital transaction platform for all motorists of the country. This automated system is expected to improve road safety as well as reduce corruption within the LTO. We hope that this move towards digitalization will uplift our country’s transportation sector and pave the way for a better future!

A safer, corruption-free transportation system starts now. Let us all abide by traffic rules and regulations to help create an orderly flow of vehicles on our roads. Adhering to these simple rules can help us reach our goal of having a safer transportation system and a better

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