RA 10930: Extension of Driver’s License Validity

The Republic Act (RA) 10930 is a new law signed into effect the amendment of the Land Transportation and Traffic Code (RA 4136) in order to “establish a system that promotes the ease of access to government services and efficient transportation regulation favorable to the people.” It also details everything you need to know about how to secure a license with longer validity and with an IRR, gets more guidelines on its implementations.

RA 10930 extends the validity period of all driver’s licenses from five to 10 years from the previous three years for drivers with no violations. The law also details the amendments it made to the existing Land Transportation and Traffic Code (RA 4136) as well as the additional sections which details the penalties and conditions in acquiring one. In this guide, you can learn more about the law behind the driver’s license with longer validity, as well as the other provisions and implementations that come with it. 

Republic Act 10930 Extension of Driver's License Validity

What is RA 10930

RA 10930 is a Philippine law officially entitled as, An act rationalizing and strengthening the as amended by the policy regarding driver’s license by extending the validity period of drivers’ licenses, and penalizing acts in violation of its issuance and application amending for those purposes section 23 of Republic Act No. 4136,  Pambansa Blg. 398 and Executive Order No. 1011, otherwise known as the Land Transportation And Traffic Code. 

As a law, it was designed to amend Section 23 of the Land Transportation and Traffic Code by establishing a system that promotes the ease of access to government services and efficient transportation regulation favorable to the people. It also helps the people do away with repeated processing of renewal of driver’s licenses as the new one will have up to 10 years of validity before it expires. 

Licensing Requirements 

Naturally, a professional or non-professional license may be issued to the applicant if they meet the qualifying conditions stated in the Section 23 of RA 4136. These conditions include:

  • the applicant possesses the necessary qualification and proficiency in the operation of motor vehicles, 
  • is able to read and write any of the official languages or a major dialect, 
  • knows how to read and interpret various traffic signs, signals and road markings
  • has paid the fee prescribed in accordance with law

According to the same law, all drivers’ license issued must be signed in the presence of LTO Head or his/her deputies and shall bear among others, the full name, date of birth, height, weight, sex, color of eyes, blood type, complete current address, biometrics, license number, and its date of issue and expiration.

RA 10930: Provisions for Qualifying Conditions for Driver’s License with Longer Validity

According to RA 10930, however, a licensee will qualify for the license with the longer validity by making sure that they have the qualities and knowledge of a good driver and that they deserve the license because they have sufficient driving skills and knowledge on road safety and proper road courtesy.

They can only prove this by completing the additional courses and examinations set by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) as stated on the new additional Section 23-A on RA 4136, as lifted from the provisions of RA 10930.

The said section reads as, 

. . .Sec. 23-A Establishment of Stricter Rules Before the Issuance of Driver’s License:

“Toward this end, the conduct of theoretical and practical examinations, among others, must sufficiently measure the competency of drivers and must be designed to the type of license applied for its corresponding restrictions: Provided, That for professional drivers, the tests must be appropriated to the vehicle and type of service the applicant intends to operate.”

Conditions Precedent to Driver’s License Renewal with Ten-Year Validity

In 2019, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) also issued an amendment in the form of an Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) for RA 10930. The said IRR provides the conditions precedent to driver’s license renewal with ten-year validity, which includes the completion of the driver’s reorientation course and comprehensive driver’s education on road safety and proper road courtesy. 

The pertinent Sections of the said IRR covers the following cases:

  • In cases when license applicants accrued at least five (5) demerit points

Every applicant for renewal of license to operate any motor vehicle who has accrued at least five (5) demerit points during the accumulation period shall be required to complete a Driver’s Reorientation Course (DRC) to be conducted by a duly accredited service provider. 

  • If a driver accumulates ten (10) or more total demerit points

Under Section 26 of Republic Act No. 4136, drivers who accumulate ten (10) or more total demerit points must, in addition to the completion of the Driver’s Reorientation Course (DRC), pass the theoretical examination before he/she may be allowed to renew his/her driver’s license. 

  • For every ten (10) accumulated demerit points or whenever the same violation is committed for at least three (3) times during the validity of the driver’s license

The new law also offers provisions for intervention programs in cases when the driver’s license holder accumulates ten (10) accumulated demerit points or commits the same violation is committed for at least three (3) times

  • Failure of the driver to complete the said intervention program within thirty (30) days 

Failure of the driver to complete the said intervention program within thirty (30) days from the_clate of the last apprehension shall cause the suspension of the driver’s license upon prior notice until the required attendance to the course is complied with. 

Transitory Provisions of RA 10930

According to Section 27 of RA 10930, after the effectivity of the IRR, all driver’s licenses with a validity of three (3) years shall be entitled to a renewal valid for five (5) years. 

The section reads as…,

“All holders of driver’s licenses with 5-year validity shall undergo comprehensive drivers education on road safety and proper road courtesy upon the holder’s first renewal of driver’s license after the effectivity of this IRR.”

RA 10930: Penalties

RA 10930 is also clear about applicable penalties in cases of violations stated in the act. These penalties are detailed in Section 4, though it is also added on to RA 4136 and named and numbered as Section 23-B. 

According to this, the following equivalent penalties shall be imposed in cases of the following infractions:

  • Removal from service

This is the equivalent penalty in the following cases:

  • any officer who issues a driver’s license without the necessary examinations, 
  • Those who connives with the applicant for the irregular issuance of a license, 
  • Those officer, who, by gross negligence, issues a driver’s license to an unqualified applicant 
  • A fine in the amount of Twenty thousand pesos (P20,000.00)
    • Willful misrepresentation with respect to material information in one’s application;
    • Connivance with the officer in the irregular conduct of examinations or issuance of license;
    • Falsification of documents; or
    • Cheating during examinations
  • Revocation of license and a two-year ban from applying for a new driver’s license

This penalty is imposed on the erring applicant, if they are found to have been granted a driver’s license by reason of such misrepresentation, connivance, falsification or cheating.

  • Perpetual disqualification from license application

This penalty will apply in cases an applicant is caught repeating the same offense such as misrepresentation, connivance, falsification or cheating to be granted a driver’s license.

  • Revocation of license for a four-year period

The law says that in cases of death or physical injuries resulting in the loss of any part of the victim’s body or the use thereof, insanity, imbecility, impotence or blindness, or incapacity to work for more than ninety (90) days, the license of the offending driver shall be revoked of the court deems that such driver was negligent or at fault.

Different penalties may also apply to the holders of a Philippine driver’s license if they act in violation of the provisions of Republic Act No. 4136 and other existing traffic laws and other issuances.

Who Implements the RA 10930 and its IRR

RA 10930 is implemented and the information about it is disseminated by the Department of Transportation (DOTr), the LTO, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB), and other concerned agencies and relevant stakeholders. They are also in charge of information campaigns on the list of measures implemented pursuant to and violations punishable under this Act.


Getting a driver’s license with longer validity sounds amazing, especially if you are the busy type who doesn’t have the time or the patience to spend an entire day just waiting for your license renewal to be processed. Thanks to the Republic Act (RA) 10930, the original Land Transportation and Traffic Code has been amended and a new system has been put in place to promote the ease of access to government services and a more efficient transportation regulation favorable to the people by extending the validity period of all driver’s licenses from five to 10 years from the previous three years for drivers with no violations. If you wish to learn more about avoiding violations so you can qualify for this license with longer validity, then you can check this List of Driving Violations and Penalties.

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