How to Transfer Your Vanity License Plate to Another Vehicle

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) offers the option to get Vanity License Plates (VLP), commonly known as the Optional Motor Vehicle Special Plates (OMVSP), to allow car owners and motorists to express their opinion, lifestyle, humor, interest, and wit through their number plates. It comes with a price to show your individuality through VLPs, but the good news is, it is transferable, provided that the car owner or motorist who owns the VLP satisfies the required conditions for doing so. 

If you are a car owner who owns an LTO Vanity License Plate (VLP) and for whatever reason, you wish to transfer it to another favorite vehicle of yours, then you can learn about how to do so by reading this guide. 

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Transferring Your Vanity License Plate to Another Vehicle

In the event of a sale or change of vehicle, the car owners or motorists who have previously acquired a Vanity License Plate (VLP) may opt to sell or keep it with the car. Another option would be to remove the VLP and process a transfer of VLP procedures with LTO, provided that the VLP owner has another registered vehicle to transfer it to. 

What vehicles are eligible for the VLP Program

In cases when you need or wish to transfer your VLP, you may only use it if your vehicle under the four (4) wheel category is duly registered with the LTO and is either one of the following types of vehicles:

  • Existing motor vehicles
    • Cars (sedan, hatchback)
    • Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV)
    • Vintage and Collectors
    • Asian Utility Vehicle (UAV)
    • Sports pick up
  • New motor vehicles
    • Cars (sedan, hatchback)
    • Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV)
    • Vintage and Collectors
    • Asian Utility Vehicle (UAV)
    • Sports pick up

Benefits of Transferring Your VLP 

Though you may have money to burn as a Vanity License Plate (VLP) owner, there are still some benefits to being able to transfer your already existing Vanity License Plate in cases of vehicle sale or due to personal preference. These benefits are as follows:

  • Being able to keep the VLP you like since you can only use it once
  • Saving money from applying for a new one when you already have an existing one
  • Being able to transfer it from one car to another, especially if you have multiple registered vehicle or you have a new favorite
  • There is no need to apply for a new one and wait for approximately 15 days or so for a new vanity plate to be released
  • You don’t have to make do with a different set of letters and numbers since you already have the one you really like

Who can Transfer Their VLP 

Not everyone can afford a vanity license plate (VLP), but if you can, then know that you can also transfer it from one car to another, if you so desire, provided that you satisfy the following required conditions:

  • You already have an existing registered vanity license plate (VLP)
  • You have an eligible vehicle to transfer it to
  • The eligible vehicle where you will transfer the VLP to is already registered with LTO
  • You have the documentary requirements to process the transfer procedures

Requirements for Transferring Your Vanity License Plate (VLP) to Another Vehicle

The following requirements are necessary for applying for transfer of your existing vanity license plate to another vehicle:

Procedures for Transferring Your VLP to Another Vehicle

To transfer your existing VLP to another vehicle, here are the procedures to follow:

Step 1. Prepare a letter-request for transfer addressed to the LTO Chairman, Bids & Awards Committee (BAC) on Vanity License Plates.

Step 2. Prepare the original Certificate of VLP Title, photocopy of Official Receipt (OR), and the photocopy of your Certificate of Registration (CR).

Step 3. Visit the MID-Computer Section, LTO East Avenue, Quezon City for plate verification.

Step 4. Submit the above-mentioned documents to the Secretariat of the Bids & Awards Committee (BAC) on the Vanity License Plates Program.

Step 5. Wait for the resolution (approval or rejection of request) from the same Committee regarding your request.

Step 6. Once approved, pay the processing fee amounting to Php 210.00 for the transfer of VLP procedures.

Step 7. Return the approved application together with the supporting documents to the MID-Computer Section.

Cost of Transferring Your VLP to Another Vehicle

If you are looking to transfer your existing Vanity License Plate into a new or existing vehicle other than the original one it was registered with, then be prepared to shell out Php 210.00 for the transfer of VLP fee.

Important Reminders

For those who are looking to request to transfer their official LTO Vanity License Plate to another vehicle, here are some reminders worth remembering:

  • Motorists may send their request for VLP transfer to the same offices where they applied for it, via any LTO Regional or District Office, or via the LTO Central Office located in East Avenue, Quezon City.
  • Motorists may sell or avail of an existing VLP via the VLP On-line Auction System (VOAS), an internet-based system designed to modernize LTO programs.
  • Only one piece of vanity license plate shall be issued and allowed on a single motor vehicle.
  • There is an equivalent vanity validation sticker issued along with the VLP which must be installed at the upper right hand corner of the inside rear windshield.
  • It is possible to gift or transfer the VLP from the original owner to another person or beneficiary.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For your reference, here are some common questions and answers related to transferring your officialLTO Vanity License Plate:

1. Can I transfer, sell, or gift my VLP to another person?

Yes. It is possible to give as a gift, sell, or even donate an existing vanity license plate to another person as long as the proper transfer procedure is observed and the request was properly made and approved by the LTO.

2. I got a VLP validation sticker issued when I got my VLP. Do I need to transfer it as well if I transfer the VLP to another vehicle?

Yes. The VLP validation sticker issued upon the issuance of the VLP is an integral part of the package and must be visible along with it. 

3. Is it possible to request for a duplicate or a vanity plate with the same letter and number combination?

Yes. A duplicate plate is possible even for the not-so-budget-friendly vanity license plate. Do note that it is only allowed once for vanity plates.


Getting a Vanity License Plate is one thing, but having it transferred to another vehicle instead of securing a new vanity license has perks of its own. It’s a lot more economical, plus it saves time and money going this route in keeping your personalized number plate. In any case, it can also be given as a gift, provided that you follow the same transfer procedures.

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