LTO Asks Motorists to Avoid Bribing Traffic Enforcers

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has sternly admonished the public to refrain from bribing its traffic enforcers and other members of law enforcement units, warning that those who are apprehended for offering bribes in order to avoid being issued a violation ticket may face serious consequences.

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Warning those tempted to bribe enforcers, LTO Assistant Secretary Jose Arturo “Jay Art” Tugade asserted that this would ultimately only worsen their situation.

LTO: Do Not Bribe Traffic Enforcers

The reminder was taken when officers from the LTO Region 5 in Sorsogon City noticed a “colorum” van and pursued it as part of their annual operation, Oplan Ligtas Biyaheng Pasko 2022.

While on duty, four law enforcers Rey Alvin Belgica, Wilfredo Macapagal Jr., Ferdinand Sta. Ana Jr. and Gregory Jim Monforte halted a Toyota Hiace with the plate number NAC 4647 along Maharlika Highway in Barangay Guinlajo, Sorsogon City to inspect its license and registration documents.

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After careful examination, the group uncovered that a vehicle was being utilized to ferry 17 people from Northern Samar to Cubao in Quezon City – an infringement of LTFRB regulations as there was no approved franchise for providing paid transportation services.

Belgica was just about to issue a temporary operator’s permit when the driver of the vehicle intervened and tucked three PHP1,000 bills under the documents he had in his hands.

Nonetheless, the driver quickly departed Belgica once he discovered that his actions were being recorded by a phone camera. The enforcers apprehended the driver and promptly escorted him to the nearest Philippine National Police station for due processing.

Reminder on Traffic Laws

This is a reminder to all motorists that bribery will only make matters worse for them, according to the LTO. If a driver is caught offering bribes to traffic enforcers or other members of law enforcement units, they may face criminal charges and be subjected to an administrative investigation.

The agency also emphasized its commitment to strictly enforcing the existing traffic laws and regulations in order to ensure public safety and order on Philippine roads. It further clarified that it does not condone any form of corruption within its ranks, urging motorists to follow road safety rules at all times so that everyone can enjoy their travels safely and responsibly.

LTO strongly encouraged citizens to remain respectful towards law enforcers while following the rules of the road, emphasizing that bribing anyone in exchange for leniency is a serious offense punishable by law.

Below is the post from the official Facebook Page of LTP Philippines about the said incident and reminder:

lto appeals public not to bribe traffic enforcers
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