LTO Renewal of Car Registration: Renew Motor Vehicle License Online

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has recently announced that vehicle owners can now renew their motor vehicle registration online with the use of its new system, the Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) portal. This privilege enables private individuals or companies and organizations to conveniently register their vehicles without having to visit any district offices of LTO. Assistant Secretary Jose Arturo “Jay Art” Tugade said, “This is an easy way for people to take care of their documents in no time.”

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Tugade clarified, however, that the process is only applicable to vehicle owners who have a registered LTMS portal account and whose previous renewal transactions were already completed with LTMS. Please be guided on the steps we’ve compiled and the requirements and qualifications in order to renew your motor vehicle registration license online.


  • Car Insurance / Certificate of COverage
  • Pass the Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR) Roadworthy Test – via Private Motor Vehicle Inspection Center (PMVIC)


  • Currently available to car owners who have registered LTMS Portal Account and those who have completed renewal transactions in LTMS.
  • Only applicable to plain renewal of car registration.
how to renew motor vehicle car license in lto online portal ltms

How to Renew LTO Motor Vehicle Registration (Car License) Online via LTMS Portal

Step 1: Secure the necessary requirements such as the insurance coverage and pass the PMVIC test. These document reports will be sent to TLMS digitally.

Registered owners must first acquire a certificate of coverage or insurance, and then proceed to renew their vehicle registration online. Additionally, it was paramount that the car passes a roadworthy test from an accredited private motor vehicles inspection center (PMVIC). Both the verified insurance and the Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR) would be sent to the LTMS electronically.

Step 2: Visit the LTMS Portal online and log in.

When all requirements have been met, the vehicle owner can then log in to their LTMS portal and complete the renewal process.

Step 3: Once the reports are uploaded, you can make the payment for the car license.

Make a secure payment online in order to renew the said car license.

If your plate number ends with 3, you have until the end of March to get an insurance plan that suits you best, visit any PMVIC for car inspection and utilize LTMS portal for online renewal process according to his statement.

To access the LTMS portal, just go to There you’ll find an interactive driving course and be able to apply for a driver’s license, view traffic violations and other information about any transactions with the LTO! Make sure to take advantage of this convenient service today

Online Motor Vehicle Registration Renewal as per LTO Instructions

Step 1: Secure the necessary requirements.

Step 2: Get a Motor Vehicle Certificate of Coverage (COC) from your choice of the insurance company. COC is electronically transmitted to LTMS by the Insurance Commission.

Step 3: Applicant must bring the Motor Vehicle to the Private Motor Vehicle Inspection Center (PMVIC) to check the roadworthiness of the Motor Vehicle. Inspection Report is electronically transmitted to LTMS by PMVIC

Step 4: Applicant must log in to the LTO Portal and start the Online MV Registration Renewal application.  The system will auto-populate the Certificate of Coverage (COC) and Inspection Report Number.

Step 5: Applicant must complete the online payment. An Official Receipt (OR) is generated by the system. The OR is sent to the applicant’s email and is also viewable in the LTO Portal account.

Step 6: Online MV Registration is complete.

online motor vehicle registration renewal

Things to Remember

  • The Online Motor Vehicle Renewal of Registration is only applicable to Plain Renewal.
  • Applicant must be an individual or a member of an organization with a registered LTO Portal Account.
  • Motor Vehicle due for renewal must be linked to the registered LTO Portal Account.
  • Last Motor Vehicle Renewal transaction must be completed using LTMS.
  • Motor Vehicle Owner registered in Certificate of Registration (CR) must be the current owner.
  • PMVIC must be used to acquire inspection report.
  • Motor Vehicle Details must be updated to include the latest Plate issuance.
  • Certificate of Coverage (COC) insurance must be transmitted/validated by Insurance Commission.
online motor vehicle registration process

Video: Tutorial Process to Renew Motor Vehicle Registration Online

Please check out this video that walks you through the steps of renewing your motor vehicle registration online as shared by LTO Philippines:


The Land Transportation Office (LTO) in the Philippines has made it easier and more convenient to renew a motor vehicle’s registration online. All you need is to secure the necessary requirements, log in to your LTMS portal and make an online payment, and you’ll be done with the renewal process.

Make sure that all details of the vehicle are updated to include the latest Plate issuance, and that your Certificate of Coverage is validated by Insurance Commission. Follow these steps and you’ll have an efficient online renewal process in no time.

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