LTO RSIC: Road Safety Interactive Center and IT Hub 

The LTO Road Safety Interactive Center (RSIC) and IT Hub is one of the newest and most innovative facilities that the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has launched in an attempt to educate the public, especially the younger generations of elementary and high school students, on some of the most important aspects of road safety. The RSIC facility boasts of state-of-the-art interactive stations, including driving simulators for both two and four-wheeled vehicles, all to engage students in an educational and entertaining manner.

As the RSIC becomes a focal point for immersive learning on road safety, the LTO simultaneously launched its newest IT Hub to further showcase the agency’s commitment to leverage technology for comprehensive road safety education. This dual initiative reflects a holistic approach towards shaping responsible and informed drivers and creating a safer and more informed community of road users.

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What is the LTO RSIC and the LTO IT Hub

The LTO RSIC (Road Safety Interactive Center) and IT Hub refer to the state-of-the-art facilities at the LTO Central Office in Quezon City established by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) in the Philippines. These are two different things, but both represent the forward-thinking approach of the LTO in leveraging the use of technology and interactive elements in educating the public about road safety. 

Road Safety Interactive Center (RSIC) 

The RSIC is designed as an educational and interactive space focusing on promoting road courtesy, discipline, and safety. It features a range of facilities and activities aimed at educating visitors, particularly students, about responsible road behavior. The center includes driving simulators for both two and four-wheeled vehicles, games related to road signs and regulatory signages, a 4D mini theater showcasing educational videos on various road safety topics, and other interactive stations.

IT Hub 

The Information Technology (IT) Hub is likely a technological component associated with the RSIC. It may involve the integration of IT solutions to enhance the overall experience, possibly in the form of digital displays, online mock exams, or other technology-driven educational tools. The IT Hub could contribute to the modernization and efficiency of the RSIC’s operations.

The LTO, through the RSIC and the IT Hub hopes to leverage technology and interactive elements in educating the young learners about the importance of road safety. Both aim to provide a comprehensive and engaging platform, too, so visitors can understand and follow road safety rules through a blend of traditional education and modern technology. The LTO also shared that introducing younger generations to such facilities is the agency’s way of recognizing them as the future motorists. 


The LTO Road Safety Interactive Center (RSIC) and IT Hub serve as innovative platforms designed to serve the following specific purposes:

  • Enhance road safety education. 
  • Facilitate interactive learning  
  • Instill road courtesy, discipline, and safety from a young age
  • Offer a multimedia experience with educational videos for more enjoyable learning 
  • Leverage technology for comprehensive road safety education
  • Create awareness, understanding, and adherence to road safety and traffic rules among the public, 

Features of the LTO RSIC and LTO IT Hub

The LTO Road Safety Interactive Center and IT Hub is specifically designed to cater to younger generations, with a range of features designed to create an immersive, engaging, age-appropriate, and educational experience for all. 

1. Driving Simulators 

The RSIC boasts interactive learning stations, including state-of-the-art driving simulators that provide a realistic experience for both two and four-wheeled vehicles, using virtual reality technology. This allows visitors to practice driving cars with manual or automatic transmissions and motorcycles, allowing them to navigate virtual roads and understand the nuances of safe driving. It focuses mainly on road signs, warnings, and regulatory signages, making the learning process both educational and enjoyable.

2. Educational Stations 

The facility includes ten different stations that contribute to a comprehensive understanding of road safety. These stations cover the following topics:

  • LTO Historical Timeline
  • Artifacts
  • Road Safety Campaign
    • Child Safety
    • Pedestrian Safety
  • Edutainment Kiosk
  • Interactive Games
  • Virtual Roadality
  • LTO Online Mock Exam
  • Life-Size Road Accident Diorama
  • Teen Driving
  • Vehicle Theft Prevention

3. Games on Road Signs and Regulatory Signages 

The LTO RSIC also features interactive games focused on road signs, warnings, and regulatory signages. The games are specifically designed for younger generations, making the learning process engaging and informative.

4. 4D Mini Theater 

Adding a cinematic flair to the educational journey, the RSIC features a 4D mini theater—a dedicated space featuring educational videos on essential road safety topics, including child safety, teen driving, pedestrian safety, vehicle theft prevention, and various types of public utility vehicles.

5. Trivia Games 

Visitors can participate in trivia games to enhance their knowledge of road safety, further familiarizing themselves with road signs and regulatory signages.

6. Booking Tours for Schools

The LTO knows how important it is to reach a broad audience, especially for educational initiatives like this. That said, the LTO also announced the creation of a committee to manage bookings from schools interested in touring the RSIC. This strategic step ensures that the RSIC becomes an integral part of the educational curriculum, shaping the next generation of responsible motorists and fostering a positive attitude towards road safety from a young age.

Who Can Visit

The LTO Road Safety Interactive Center and IT Hub serves as a valuable resource for fostering awareness and responsible road behavior among diverse audiences in public, including: 

  • Individuals, families, and groups interested in enhancing their understanding of road safety. 
  • The facility is for elementary and high school students, making it an educational destination for schools and educators. 
  • The general public, motorists, and anyone interested in gaining insights into road safety through interactive experiences are encouraged to visit the center. 


Straight out of TimeZone (or Rino’s or Glico’s for the titos and titas), the LTO RSIC and IT Hub is just like a modern facility featuring driving simulators that the public can use. It uses virtual reality, with simulators bringing a realistic driving experience for different modes of transportation like cars – in either manual or automatic transmissions – and even motorcycles. And the good news? This does not require any token at all! 

Video: Virtual Tour to the State-of-the-Art RSIC and IT Hub

Join as he takes you on a virtual tour to the new LTO RSIC and IT Hub in the LTO Central Office in Quezon City via this video:


As the LTO moves towards reshaping road safety education by engaging the youth, the agency launches the state-of-the-art RSIC, incorporating interactive infotainment as well as games on road signs, warnings, and regulatory signages. According to the LTO, the RSIC and IT Hub leverage modern technology in an attempt to promote awareness and adherence to road safety and traffic rules, especially among the young ones. Its main target: the elementary and high school students in the country. The forward approach blends technology, education, and interactivity, promising a brighter and safer future on Philippine roads. The RSIC and IT Hub are not just facilities, but tools designed to guide the future motorists towards a culture of informed, responsible, and safety-conscious drivers.

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