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Passing the LTO exam is a mandatory part of getting a driver’s license from the Land Transportation Office (LTO). Before you can do that, you need to prepare and get a better understanding of the type of questions and problems included in the LTO written exam. 

To give you a better chance at passing the written exam, a quick search on the Internet will give you tons of resources for your review. To help make it even easier for you, here’s a 100-question comprehensive LTO exam reviewer with an answer key downloadable in pdf format.

lto exam reviewer pdf files

Taking the LTO Written Exam

The LTO written exam is oneof the mandatory exams that aspiring drivers need to pass to secure a driver’s license and operate a motor vehicle legally in the Philippines. You probably don’t care much about it, but it’s actually a test of your understanding of driving essentials and road safety. 

Though it seems like something you don’t need to study for, it is imperative to review and prepare for this written test. After all, theories are so much more complicated than actual driving and you need to be a pretty good student to learn about the essentials of driving and defensive driving as well as road safety, both in theory and in practice, hence the written test. 

LTO Exam Coverage

The LTO written exam is a randomized multiple choice exam that covers six (6) different subjects including the following:  

General Driving Knowledge

This subject covers defensive driving, proper techniques, road safety, stress management, driving rules, licenses, and maintenance. 


This subject covers everything you need to know about parking safely, as well as the rules and restrictions relating to vehicle parking on Philippines roads 


This subject tests aspiring drivers for their knowledge of road emergencies, including  what to do when involved in mechanical failures and accidents.

Handling & Driving

This subject covers the pertinent information on how to drive the optimal way, including the rights and responsibilities of drivers on the road, common regulatory rules, traffic signs and signals, and making sure that the vehicle’s documents are up-to-date and in order. 

Road Signs & Lane Markings

This subject covers information related to traffic signs, signals, and pavement markings. This also ensures that you know enough of the rules regarding regulatory signs such as no U-turn, no right turn, or left turn not only to pass the exam, but also to ensure both yours and others’ safety on the road. 

Road Position 

The subject includes information about yielding and right of way and everything else about where you should position your vehicle while driving.

How to Pass the LTO Written Exams

Passing the LTO written exam requires you to answer a certain number of questions correctly, depending on the license type you are applying for. For your guidance, here’s the number of items and the equivalent passing score for each license type:

  • Student driver permit: You need to score 20 out of a set of 25 questions.
  • Non-professional driver’s license (NPDL): You need to score 35 out of a set of 40 questions.
  • Professional driver’s license (PDL): You need to score 50 out of a set of 60 questions.

Expert tip: To better absorb and understand the concepts in the LTO subjects, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules of the road. You may also use your imagination or try to picture each of the situation and problems in the reviewer in your mind to be able to come up with the best answers.

How to Tell if You Passed or Failed the Exam

There are tell-tale signs that will tell you for sure if you passed or failed the LTO written exam.

  • If you pass, your name will be called and you will be ushered to the venue for the practical driving test.
  • If you fail, then you will be asked to re-enter the exam room for more information about how to take it again after a month. This includes having to go through everything—from the application process to the photo and signature-taking and written exams—all over again.

LTO Exam Reviewer

The LTO exam reviewer attached to this in pdf format is composed of two types of exam: Tagalog and English. It is one of the most comprehensive and concise LTO exam reviewers for all aspiring drivers which will help you when you take the actual written exam. The reviewer can also be opened from your smartphone as well as other computing devices like a tablet or a PC. It is also quite informative and it also serves as a resource site about driving and about becoming a defensive driver.

LTO Exam Reviewer PDF: English

This version of the LTO exam reviewer is suited for non-Filipinos to pass the actual LTO exam. This is also available for Filipinos who need an English reviewer. It is composed of 100 items to review and pass the actual LTO exam. 

LTO Exam Reviewer PDF: Tagalog

This LTO exam reviewer is suited for non-Filipinos to pass the actual LTO exam. This is also available for Filipinos who need an English reviewer. It is composed of 100 items to review and pass the actual LTO exam.

Download the LTO Exam Reviewer PDF 

The LTO Exam Reviewer was made to be as informative and comprehensive as possible. After clicking on the link, you will be directed to the LTO exam reviewer PDF. You can practice there or download directly. 

The LTO exam reviewer PDF comes in two types and both can be downloaded and printed or directly open from these links:


Taking the LTO Written exam should not be too difficult if you practice and prepare hard enough. In any case, we hope these reviewers can help you do better, but in case you find that these aren’t enough, please feel free to check this other set of LTO exam reviewers online and its answer key later. 

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