LTO Driver’s Reorientation Course (DRC) Exam Reviewer PDF

Passing the LTO Driver’s Reorientation Course (DRC) exam is the culminating requirement upon the completion of one of the two Driving Education Program (DEP), the Driver’s Reorientation Course (DRC). It is only after passing the DRC culminating exam that you can get a Certificate of Course Completion (COC)—one of the mandatory requirements for renewing a driver’s license from the Land Transportation Office (LTO) if you have at least five (5) to ten (10) demerit points.

Before you can do that, however, you need to revisit the basic knowledge and skills in driving, road safety, and proper road etiquette and to properly answer the questions and problems included in the LTO DRC written exam. To give you a better chance at passing the DRC written exam, you can head on to the LTMS portal and access the e-Learning tab to get resources for your review. To help make it even easier for you, here’s a 100-question comprehensive LTO DRC exam reviewer pdf with a downloadable answer key, sourced from the actual DRC Exams.

lto drc exam reviewer pdf file download

Taking the LTO DRC Written Exam

The LTO DRC stands for Driver’s Reorientation Course—a course designed in compliance with Section 14 of the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of the Republic Act No. 10930. It is a mandatory requirement for the renewal of a driver’s license with at least five (5) demerit points. It also serves as a condition precedent to driver’s license renewal for those who had accumulated at least ten (10) demerit points or who had committed the same violation for at least three (3) times during the validity of the driver’s license.

As one of the most recent additions to LTO’s mandatory driver enhancement program requirements from all drivers, the DRC is an intervention program usually paired with the Theoretical Driving Course (TDC) which also culminates in a written examination. Failure to complete the course would entail license suspension until the required attendance to the courses is complied with so it’s best to get it done as early as possible. 

To help you pass the exam and complete the course early, you need to get at least thirteen (13) correct answers out of the 25-item multiple-choice exam. To do so, you may visit either the Drivers Education Centers (DECs) of LTO Regional Offices or the Traffic Safety Division (TSD) at the LTO Central Office. 

LTO DRC Exam Coverage

The LTO DRC exam is a twenty-five item randomized multiple choice exam that covers the following topics: 

Passing the LTO DRC Exams

Passing the LTO Driver’s Reorientation Course (DRC) exam requires you to answer a twenty-five item multiple choice exam. In order to pass the DRC exam, the applicant must correctly answer at least eighty percent (80%) or get at least thirteen (13) correct answers out of the twenty-five (25) questions randomly selected from the bank of questions. It must be completed within the duration of not more than thirty (30) minutes. 

Expert tip: To be able to give correct and appropriate responses, you will need to carefully read and understand the different road scenarios and situations strategically broken down into sections, but they are usually in random order so it’s best to review and take practice exams as often as you can. 

LTO DRC Exam Reviewer 2023

The LTO Driver’s Reorientation Course (DRC) exam is available in both Tagalog and English. However, the reviewer we have here, though directly from multiple DRC exams in the past, is only the version in English language. Nevertheless, we hope it helps pass the actual written exam to culminate your DRC and helps you acquire the DRC COC that you need. The reviewer can also be opened from your smartphone as well as other computing devices like a tablet or a PC. It is also quite informative and it also serves as a resource site about driving, road safety, and proper road etiquette.

LTO Driver’s Reorientation Course (DRC) exam Reviewer 2023 PDF: English

This version of the LTO Driver’s Reorientation Course (DRC) exam reviewer is best suited for non-Filipinos and those Filipinos who need an English reviewer. It is composed of 25 items, sourced from actual Driver’s Reorientation Course (DRC) exam so we hope you can review and pass quite easily.  

Download the LTO Driver’s Reorientation Course (DRC) Exam Reviewer PDF 

The LTO Driver’s Reorientation Course (DRC) exam Reviewer was made to be as informative and comprehensive as possible. After clicking on the link, you will be directed to the LTO Driver’s Reorientation Course (DRC) exam reviewer PDF. You can practice there or download the reviewer directly for printing. 

The LTO Driver’s Reorientation Course (DRC) exam reviewer PDF comes in two types, Tagalog and English. However, only the English version of this reviewer is only available for downloading and printing or directly opening from these links:


Taking the LTO Driver’s Reorientation Course (DRC) exam is yet another one of the new penalties imposed by the agency to erring drivers. It shouldn’t be too hard if you remembered your lessons from when you sat for your driver’s license exam, but if you have forgotten, and you most probably have since you have been cited for violations which is the main reason for taking this exam, then feel free to use the materials provided here to practice and prepare before checking the attached answer key to see how well you did in the exam. 

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