What is Driving Enhancement Program (DEP)

The Driving Enhancement Program (DEP), otherwise known as the Driving Enhancement Program Intervention Seminar, is a seminar mandated by the Land Transportation Office (LTO). Designed for driver’s license holders, the Driving Enhancement Program (DEP) is a training seminar that covers topics related to road safety and land transportation laws, rules, and regulations. 

The Driving Enhancement Program is also a mandatory requirement for license renewal. Through these courses, drivers are informed of the proper ways of being on the road. Then, these drivers are screened for knowledge retention, ensuring that only drivers who know what they are doing can get a chance to drive legally on any Philippine road. 

driving enhancement program dep

What is the Driving Enhancement Program (DEP)

The Driving Enhancement Program (DEP) is a seminar especially designed by the LTO for driver’s license holders, regardless of license classification. This program is required from license renewal applications, and is conducted in accordance with the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of R.A. No. 10930 or the Land Transportation and Traffic Code of the Philippines. 

The Driving Enhancement Program (DEP) covers different topics, including, but not limited to road safety, traffic rules and penalties, a special segment on values, road courtesy, and discipline, as well as land transportation laws, rules, and regulations. It includes two different kinds of driving courses: the Comprehensive Drivers Education (CDE) course and the Driver’s Reorientation Course (DRC).

Comprehensive Drivers Education (CDE) course

The Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) is a five-hour mandatory refresher course for drivers and motorcycle riders who wish to renew their driver’s license in the Philippines. It was designed in accordance with the provisions of Republic Act (RA) 10930 in a bid to ensure that only qualified driver’s license applicants with adequate driving skills, knowledge of road safety, and proper road etiquette can have their licenses renewed into one with ten-year validity. It culminates with a 25-item multiple-choice exam known as the CDE online validation exam and may be taken in person at any LTO-accredited driving schools, at the LTO Driver’s Education Center (LTO DEC) in select LTO offices, or online via the LTMS portal.

Driver’s Reorientation Course (DRC)

The Driver’s Reorientation Course is a course especially designed as a condition precedent to driver’s license renewal of those with violations during the validity of their driver’s licenses. Like the CDE, it culminates with a written exam, ensuring that the violators get the rules hammered into their being. It is a mandatory requirement for the renewal of a driver’s license with at least five (5) demerit points as well as those who had accumulated at least ten (10) demerit points or those who had committed the same violation for at least three (3) times. The DRC is also one of the requirements from public utility vehicle (PUV) drivers who have committed franchise-related violations. Failure to complete the DRC would also result in license suspension until the required attendance to the courses is complied with.

Benefits of Attending the Driving Enhancement Program

Completing either form of the Driving Education Program, whether it is the Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) or the Driver’s Reorientation Course, means enjoying the same benefits afforded by either one of these driving courses.

Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE)

  • A chance to fulfill the requirements for LTO driver’s license renewal
  • A free lifetime CDE Certificate of Completion that does not expire
  • A self-paced refresher course on the basics of driving, road safety, and associated laws
  • A self-paced exam that can be taken and retaken as many times as possible at your own convenience
  • A certificate that proves that you are well-equipped to be a driver
  • A certificate that proves that you deserve the new LTO driver’s license with 10-year validity

Driver’s Reorientation Course (DRC)

  • Being able to secure the Certificate of Completion which is a requirement for driver’s license renewal
  • Getting a refresher course on the old rules of the road you may have already forgotten 
  • Getting a crash course on new LTO rules
  • Being able to serve at least one of the penalties for accumulated demerits without spending money
  • Being able to avoid possible suspension of driver’s license 30 days after committing a driving or traffic violation 
  • You can get a driver’s license which doubles as a valid photo ID that can be used when transacting in both public and private offices
  • The license renewal process requires this if you have at least five (5) demerit points

Who may Avail of the Driving Enhancement Program

All holders of driver’s licenses who wish to renew their driver’s licensel, as well as licensees with 5-year validity shall undergo comprehensive driver’s education in the form of the Driving Enhancement Program so they may learn about road safety and proper road courtesy and have requirements for when they apply for the renewal of their driver’s license. 

Depending on the course type, the DEP is also designed for the following:

Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE)  

  • All holders of 5-year validity driver’s licenses
  • Plain renewal of driver’s license by holders who were issued student-driver’s permit prior to 03 August 2020;
  • Renewal of driver’s license with miscellaneous license transactions (e.g., revision of records, additional driver’s license code/s, etc.); 
  • Renewal of expired Philippine driver’s license with a valid foreign driver’s license (continuity Philippine driver’s license); 
  • Renewal of driver’s licenses with five or more demerit points (in addition to the completion of driver’s reorientation course); 
  • Renewal of driver’s licenses of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and Filipinos living abroad 
  • Renewal of licenses expired for more than two (2) years; and 
  • Advance renewal for Filipinos with imminent travel out of the country 

Driver’s Reorientation Course (DRC)

  • Every applicant for the renewal of license to operate any motor vehicle who has accumulated at least five (5) demerit points
  • Driver due for renewal who has accumulated ten (10) or more total demerit points
  • A driver who has accumulated at least 10 demerit points, 
  • A driver who has committed the same violation thrice during the validity of the driver’s license


Because the Driving Education Program Intervention Seminar offers two different kinds of driving courses, the Comprehensive Drivers Education (CDE) course and the Driver’s Reorientation Course (DRC), the requirements will vary depending upon the course that will be taken. 

For more information on the CDE requirements, you may check this guide on how to secure the CDE Certificate.

If you are required to undergo the Driver’s Reorientation Course (DRC), then you can check for more information about what the Driver’s Reorientation Course (DRC) really is instead. 


Just like the requirements, the procedure for applying to take either the DEP will vary depending on whether you will take the CDE or the DRC.

For more information on taking the CDE, you may refer to this guide on taking the CDE and securing the CDE Certificate. 

If you are taking the DRC, then you can secure a Certificate of Completion by following this guide on what DRC is.


The LTO has the power to regulate the driver’s education fees charged by private driving institutions, ensuring the availability of driver’s education at reasonable prices without denying its accredited driving schools a fair return on their investment. The power is considered lodged with the LTO so as to properly and effectively discharge its functions and duties under the law and to discourage the collection of exorbitant and unreasonable fees for driver education.

Important Reminders

For your reference, here are some important tips you need to remember:

For Comprehensive Drivers Education (CDE)

  • The CDE may be availed from any of the LTO Driver’s Education Centers (DECs) nationwide. 
  • The CDE can also be accessed online for free anytime through the Land Transport Management System (LTMS) Portal using the driver applicant’s account.
  • Note that the access to the subsequent topics are restricted until the time allotted for the preceding topic has elapsed. 
  • In cases where the applicant is technologically challenged or has difficulty due to shortage of equipment to access or answer the COE Online Validation Examination, it is the discretion of the LTO Chief of Office to provide a randomized pen-and-paper test.
  • In order to pass the CDE examination, the applicant must correctly answer at least eighty percent (80%) of the twenty-five (25) questions randomly selected from the bank of questions. 
  • The CDE shall no longer be required for the renewal of all driver’s license holders that were issued with Student-driver’s Permit on or after 03 August 2020, and those who have renewed to their current driver’s license on or after 28 October 2021. 

For Driver’s Reorientation Course (DRC)

  • The DRC shall be conducted only through the LTO Driver Education Center (DEC).
  • To pass the DRC examination, the applicant must obtain at least eighty percent (80%) of the twenty-five (25) questions randomly selected from the bank of questions. 
  • The DRC intervention program shall be completed within thirty (30) days from the last apprehension. 
  • Failure of the driver to complete the DRC within thirty (30) days from the date of the last apprehension shall cause the suspension of the driver’s license upon prior notice until the required attendance to the course is complied with. 
  • ln addition to the completion of the required DRC, a driver due for renewal who has accumulated ten (10) or more total demerit points shall be required to pass the automated Theoretical Driving Course (TDC) and examination before he/she may be allowed to renew his/her driver’s license.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To help the public learn more about the Driving Education Program (DEP) of the LTO, here are some common questions and answers about it:

1. Are CDE and DRC the same?

No. While both the CDE and the DRC are considered components of the DEP and mandated by law for drivers who intend to renew their licenses, the two are two different courses available to different sets of people. The CDE is required from all license renewal applicants whereas the DRC is only required from traffic violators.

2. Can I take both the CDE and the DRC?

Yes, if you are required to do so, usually in cases when you are a traffic violator who wants to renew your license.

3. Are CDE and DRC available online?

The CDE is available online via the LTMS portal, but the DRC is only available in LTO DECs. 


The Driving Education Program (DEP) of the LTO is yet another program implemented by the agency to ensure that the drivers who get licensed deserve to be on the road. Not only does it serve as a refresher course and a penalty of sorts, it is also a mandatory requirement for those who are trying to renew their licenses. The courses are also easier to take now, so there really is no reason not to take it.

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