LTO Warns Against Fake CDE Certificates from Fixers

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) is firmly advising the public to steer clear from fake Comprehensive Driving Exam (CDE) certificates, as there is no benefit in obtaining them since they can be easily accessed for free.

So if you notice third-party agency fixers that are selling fake certificates, don’t be tempted to purchase them. Aside from being illegal, these documents can land you in trouble as using unauthorized documents is a punishable offense.

Instead, it is best to acquire CDE certificates through legal and legitimate means such as taking the exam at LTO-accredited testing centers. Doing so will ensure that you have an authentic document that can be used for validating your driving qualifications and privileges.

What is LTO Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE)?

The Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) is a program implemented by the Land Transportation Office (LTO). It requires drivers to complete an educational course and pass an examination before being issued a license. The program is designed to increase driver competency, road awareness, and safety on the roads. The CDE is also issued to Filipinos who are renewing their driver’s license.

What is a CDE Certificate?

A CDE Certificate is a legal document issued by the LTO to certify that a driver has passed their Comprehensive Driver’s Education examination. The certificate serves as proof that the driver has fulfilled all requirements and can begin driving legally with a valid license.

It is also important to note that having a valid driver’s license or ID alone does not necessarily make you competent enough on the road. It is essential that drivers are knowledgeable about traffic rules and regulations, as well as safe driving habits. A comprehensive understanding of these practices can only be gained through proper education and practice, which makes taking part in the CDE program even more beneficial for all motorists.

Fake Certificate of Registration LTO – CDE

The agency has graciously given a bundle of perks to the public, including no expiration for the certificate, and complimentary access to exam materials and examinations at any LTO Driver’s Education Centers or LTO’s accredited driving schools. Aside from this, individuals can take their exams with ease through the Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) online. So there should be no reason why individuals should resort to fake certificates.

The LTO is continuously encouraging the public to take part in its responsible driving campaign by adhering to traffic laws and regulations, and taking the necessary steps to obtain an authentic CDE certificate. This will help ensure safer roads for everyone.

Below is a post of this announcement as shared on the official Facebook Page of LTO Philippines. Please be advised on this urgent matter:

Anunsyo: Mag-ingat sa mga pekeng Comprehens’ve Driver’s Education Certificate o CDE Certificate.

Mahigpit na pinapaalalahanan ang lahat na ang Comprehens’ve Driver’s Education Certificate o CDE Certificate ay maaaring ma-avail lamang sa mga sumusunod:

1. LTO Portal (

2. LTO Driver’s Education Centers

3. LTO-Accredited Driving Schools

Para sa mga kliyente na nasa mga rehiyon na hindi pa pinapatupad ang mga probisyon ng RA 10930 kaugnay ng CDE at issuance ng 10-yr valid license, antabayanan ang mga susunod na abiso sa official Central and Regional LTO Facebook pages:


warning on fake certificate of registration lto

Where to Apply for CDE Certificate?

There are three options for you to get a CDE Certificate from LTO:

  1. LTO Portal (
  2. LTO Driver’s Education Centers
  3. LTO-Accredited Driving Schools

Please take note that the above places are only the official sources for CDE Certificates. Always be aware that acquiring fake certificates is illegal and can land you in trouble with the law.


The Land Transportation Office is advising the public to avoid acquiring fake Comprehensive Driving Exam (CDE) certificates as they are not legitimate and can lead to legal trouble. Instead, it is best to acquire CDE certificates through legal and legitimate means such as taking the exam at LTO-accredited testing centers or visiting the LTO offices near you.

By practicing responsible and lawful procedures, you will be able to save yourself from any legal complications while still being able to drive in the Philippines with ease.

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