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Passing the LTO TDC exam is the culminating requirement to complete the 15-hour, three seminar session Theoretical Driving Course (TDC) workshop. It is only after passing the TDC exam that you can get a TDC certificate—one of the mandatory requirements for getting a driver’s license from the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

Before you can do that, however, you need to prepare and get a better understanding on how to keep our roads safe, develop better driving attitude, more technical understanding of road signages, and develop a clearer driver intuition to properly answer the questions and problems included in the LTO TDC written exam. To give you a better chance at passing the written exam, a quick search on the Internet will give you tons of resources for your review. To help make it even easier for you, here’s a 60-question comprehensive LTO TDC exam reviewer with an answer key downloadable in pdf format.

lto tdc exam reviewer pdf file

Taking the LTO TDC Written Exam

The LTO TDC refers to Theoretical Driving Course, a 15-hour seminar or classroom session where all attendees are expected to learn about the basics of driving and road safety. The course is split into three sessions, covering numerous topics or modules—from the LTO basics to the comprehensive discussion on the safe use of motor vehicles. It also comes with actual driving practices, especially when taken in private driving schools. It culminates with a written exam, which you need to pass to secure the TDC certificate that you need.

As the most recent addition to LTO’s mandatory requirements from all new drivers, it is a must to complete the TDC either at an LTO branch, online, at an LTO Driver Education Center (DEC), or at any LTO-accredited institutions. It is particularly important to attend this course, especially if you are seeking to secure a Student Driver’s Permit and you intend to secure a Non-professional driver’s license as soon as you’re allowed to.

LTO TDC Exam Coverage

The LTO TDC culminating written exam is a randomized multiple choice exam that covers the following topics discussed during the classroom/theoretical instructions and actual driving sessions. 

  • The progress and role of the LTO in our society’s growth
  • The organization and operation of the LTO
  • Requirements and process of getting a driver’s license
  • Traffic regulations that include signs, road markings, and right of way
  • Specific directives and laws designed by the LTO
  • Scanning of danger to reduce road crash risks
  • Operations of automotive parts and related accessories
  • Effective driving with proper maneuvering
  • Different parking skills
  • Techniques and tips on how to save fuel
  • The correct way of checking the safety of a vehicle
  • Practicum on basic troubleshooting
  • Defensive driving, road discipline, and other related practices 
  • Comprehensive discussion regarding the safe use of motorcycle and light motor vehicles 

Passing the LTO TDC Written Exams

Passing the LTO written exam requires you to answer a certain number of questions correctly, depending on the license type you are applying for. For your guidance, here’s the number of items and the equivalent passing score for each license type:

  • Non-professional driver’s license (NPDL): You need to score 30 out of a set of 40 questions.
  • Professional driver’s license (PDL): You need to score 45 out of a set of 60 questions.

Expert tip: To be able to give correct and appropriate responses, you will need to carefully read and understand each situation covered in the written exam. A lot of the questions will be about different road scenarios and situations strategically broken down into sections, but they are usually in random order so it’s best to review and take practice exams as often as you can. 

Failing the TDC Exam

In case you fail the LTO Theoretical Driving Course (TDC) Exam, then you may check this guide on what to do to retake it.

  • If a driver’s license applicant is unable to meet the passing rate, retaking the test is allowed one month after the first attempt.
  • If unable to meet the passing rate on the second attempt, a driver’s license applicant can’t retake the exam and apply for a driver’s license within a year.
  • If unable to meet the passing rate on the third attempt, a driver’s license applicant has to wait for two years before they can be allowed to retake the test and re-apply for a license

LTO TDC Exam Reviewer 2023

The LTO TDC exam is available in both Tagalog and English. However, the reviewer we have here, though one of the most comprehensive for all aspiring drivers, is only available in the English language. Nevertheless, we hope it helps pass the actual written exam to culminate your TDC. The reviewer can also be opened from your smartphone as well as other computing devices like a tablet or a PC. It is also quite informative and it also serves as a resource site about driving and about the basics of a roadworthy driver.

LTO Theoretical Driving Course Exam Reviewer 2023 PDF: English

This version of the LTO TDC exam reviewer is best suited for non-Filipinos and those Filipinos who need an English reviewer. It is composed of 60 items, much like the actual TDC exam so we hope you can review and pass the actual LTO TDC exam.  

Download the LTO Theoretical Driving Course (TDC) Exam Reviewer PDF 

The LTO TDC Exam Reviewer was made to be as informative and comprehensive as possible. After clicking on the link, you will be directed to the LTO exam reviewer PDF. You can practice there or download the reviewer directly for printing. 

The LTO exam reviewer PDF comes in two types, Tagalog and English. However, only the English version of this reviewer is only available for downloading and printing or directly opening from these links:


Taking the LTO TDC culminating exam should not be too difficult as long as you practice and prepare well enough. In any case, we hope this reviewer can help you do better. So, please feel free to check this LTO TDC exam reviewer pdf practice answering it, then check its answer key later. 

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