How Much is Disregarding Traffic Sign (DTS) Penalty?

Disregarding traffic signs and symbols is one of the most commonly committed violations of Filipino drivers. Though everyone knows that the traffic signs and symbols or road signs are especially hoisted as a necessity on the roads to relay information, instructions, or warnings for all motorists and ensure that drivers get all the warning they need to stay safe on the road as early as possible, not everyone cares about following them.

Because of those who disregard the rules and signs, serious traffic accidents still occur on almost a regular basis, resulting in many deaths. Most of these accidents primarily stem from the fault of drivers. Maybe it’s their lack of awareness of the law or simple disobedience, but it is a fact that people who violate the road rules and disobey the signals, signs, and regulations of the traffic law are quite common in the Philippines.

disregarding traffic sign penalty violation

What are Traffic Signs and Symbols

Traffic signs or road signs are visual markers erected at the side of and above or on the roads, pavements, and bridges to give instructions or provide information to road users. The earliest type of road signs were simple wooden or stone milestones with large letters, pictures, or symbols. They were designed to be simple and striking and are sometimes translated into Filipino or a place’s local dialect to make it easy to understand.

The traffic signs and symbols are usually designed using the official typeface for signs, Clearview. They usually reflect some influences from America, Australia, and the Vienna Convention and are regulated by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) so the signs and symbols don’t change, regardless of location.

What Does it Mean to be Tagged with a Disregarding Traffic Sign (DTS) Violation

Being slapped with a Disregarding Traffic Sign (DTS) violation ticket means that you have disobeyed a visual traffic sign or symbol. It means that you, as a driver, have committed one or all kinds of activities involving disregarding traffic signs while driving on the road. 

Whether it was intentional or otherwise, disregarding traffic signs and symbols may cause all kinds of problems, ranging from simple fines and penalties, or worse, fatal accidents that can claim the lives of both drivers and unsuspecting pedestrians. 

What is the Penalty and Fine for Disregarding Traffic Signs (DTS) Violations in the Philippines

Being tagged with a DTS violation also means having to pay fines and settle penalties imposed by either the Land Transportation Office (LTO) or the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA), or both. It is worth noting that some fines and penalties may be higher or lower depending on the Local Government Unit (LGU) as well.

Here’s more detailed information on DTS violations and its corresponding fines and penalties.

According to the list of traffic violations and fines imposed by the MMDA, DTS violators are subject to pay a fine amounting to P150.00 for the first, second, and third offense. For the LTO, however, there is no specific LTO fee to pay regarding DTS violations, though the agency and its enforcers are free to charge those who disregard traffic signs with violating traffic rules and regulations which carries a fine of P1,000.00. This 2023 DTS violation fine applies to all types of driver activities that don’t follow road rules and traffic signs while driving on the road.


While the DTS violation fine may seem affordable considering the damages it usually costs, it is still best to avoid DTS violations. As a driver, it is part of your responsibility to practice safe driving on the road. Doing so will save lives and avoid troubles that can cause financial and legal problems later on, especially if you intend to renew your driver’s license.

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