LTO Calamba Office Location and Contact Information

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) in Calamba City—a place well-known for being the “Spring Resort Capital of the Philippines” and the regional center of the CALABARZON Region—is a necessary addition to the already existing government offices in the city. It is particularly important to have at least one LTO office in the area in order to keep the roads as safe as possible, especially since the city of Calamba houses over 500,000 people—making it the most populous and the fifth-densest city in the entirety of the province of Laguna.

In an effort to bring the LTO closer to the public, to implement rules and regulations more effectively and to keep the public roads so much safer, the LTO opened a full-service district office in the City of Calamba. In this guide, we looked into the LTO Calamba Office and detailed everything you need to know about it—from their office locations to the services they offer as well as their operational hours.

lto calamba office location and contact number

What is LTO Calamba

LTO Calamba refers to the LTO district office stationed in the city of Calamba. There’s a lone District Office (DO) which was especially designed to carry out the agency’s mandate and extend all LTO-related services to the residents of the city. These services includes keeping the road safe by ensuring that only skilled and knowledgeable drivers get a license to drive and only the real roadworthy vehicles are legally allowed on the city roads. 

LTO Calamba District Office

Just like in other cities in the country, the LTO has opened the LTO Calamba District Office (DO) in the city of Calamba so that their services would be more accessible to the transacting public. Whether you are a professional or a non-professional driver, an operator, a student driver, or a conductor, the LTO Calamba office can offer whatever assistance you may need to get your permits or licenses in order and avoid any penalties or problems later on. 

Services Provided by LTO Calamba Office 

Sure, any LTO office can probably offer the service you need. However, if you are residing in Calamba City, Laguna or in the surrounding areas, then having these services right where you are makes the most excellent public service. Imagine getting your student permit, driver’s license, or motor vehicle registrations, without the need to take the entire day off to travel to another place and secure them. With an LTO office right in Calamba City, you can get the job done as fast and as convenient as it possibly can be, and it will still be the same legal document that you can secure from another LTO office. 

LTO Calamba District Office

Some of the LTO services offered by the LTO Calamba District Office include: 

  • Driver’s license applications
    • Student Permit Applications
    • Non-Professional driver’s license (NPDL) applications 
    • Professional driver’s license (PDL) applications
  • Driver’s License Renewals
    • Student Permit renewals
    • Non-Professional driver’s license (NPDL) renewals 
    • Professional driver’s license (PDL) renewals
  • Conductor’s License Applications and Renewals
  • Issuance of Student Permit
  • Vehicle registration and miscellaneous transactions
    • Motor vehicle (MV) registration 
    • Motorcycle (MC) registration
  • Vehicle registration renewal and miscellaneous transactions
    • Motor vehicle (MV) registration renewal
    • Motorcycle (MC) registration renewal
  • Miscellaneous Transactions
    • Duplicate OR/CR
    • Duplicate Plate
    • Transfer of Ownership
    • Annotation & Cancellation of Mortgage
    • Revision of Records
    • Duplicate License (for Lost Licenses)
    • Insurance
    • Impounding
  • Proper Driver Education
  • Enforcement of land transportation laws, rules and regulations

How to Contact LTO Calamba

To contact the LTO Calamba City District Office, you have a choice between making a call, sending an email, or making a personal visit to the said LTO branch. 

Contact Information

For more information on how you can reach the LTO Calamba office, you may check the contact information listed below:

Calamba District Office

Agency Code: 0422
Office Address: Brgy. Uno, Crossing Calamba City, Laguna
Telephone Number: +639 998350606
Head of Agency: Engr. Eugenio C. Diaz
Email Address:
Official Facebook Page:
Operational Hours: 8AM – 5PM (Mondays to Fridays, except Tuesdays); 7:30AM – 5PM (Tuesdays)

Video: Renewing your License at LTO Calamba City District Office in Laguna

Watch this video from Donnext Ride and see for yourself how the procedures for renewing your license are carried out at LTO Calamba City District Office in Laguna. You can also get some useful tips if you watch until the end.

Where is Calamba City

Calamba City, a component city of landlocked Laguna located 50 kilometers (31 miles) south of Manila, is the regional center of the CALABARZON Region. It houses a population of over 500,000, making it the most populous city in the entirety of the province of Laguna. Calamba City is also Calabarzon’s richest city, thanks to the numerous businesses, tourist attractions, colleges and universities, transport stations, factories, and industrial parks located within. 

As a major economic, transportation, and tourist hub in the CALABARZON Region, Calamba City is also known as the birthplace and ancestral location of the Philippines’ National Hero, Jose Rizal. One of its barangay, Pansol, is also the home of numerous hot spring resorts, on the northern slopes of Mount Makiling. 

Calamba is also the southern terminus of the South Luzon Expressway. This geographic position makes the city a gateway to the southern provinces of Luzon. The highway at the end of the South Luzon Expressway leads east to the other towns of Laguna and south towards the provinces of Batangas and Quezon.

Calamba City is the second largest city in Laguna in terms of land area. It is bordered by on the north to the west by Cabuyao and Los Baños to the east. In the south, it is bounded by the provinces of Batangas and Cavite, particularly the cities of Tanauan, Santo Tomas, and Tagaytay and the municipality of Talisay in Batangas. In the northeast border lies Laguna de Bay, the country’s largest lake. The provincial capital, Santa Cruz, is located 37 kilometers (23 mi) by road to the east.

Google Map Location

To learn how to get to the LTO Office in Calamba City, you may simply check the driving directions or transit routes using the map below:

Calamba District Office

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