LTO Dumaguete Office Location and Contact Information

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) in Dumaguete City is a set of LTO offices within the city premises of Dumaguete. These offices were meant to offer various LTO services in the local area of Dumaguete City.

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As a popular travel hub and a university city, Dumaguete City currently houses two LTO offices within the city premises, the Dumaguete City District Office and the LTO Driver’s License Renewal Office (DLRO) Robinsons Mall Dumaguete City. To learn more about these two LTO Offices in Dumaguete City, keep reading this guide.

lto dumaguete office location and contact number

What is LTO Dumaguete? 

LTO Dumaguete refers to the LTO operating arm in the Dumaguete City area. This term may be used to collectively refer to the LTO offices in Dumaguete City, too. In some cases, this could also be used to refer to the city’s LTO district office, considering that it’s the main LTO office bearing the city’s name.

Regardless of whether it is referring to the LTO offices as a collective office or as a single one, one thing remains true: The LTO offices in Dumaguete City are meant to cater to the needs of the LTO-transacting public, particularly those relating to licensing and registration of motor vehicles, and to implement laws to govern their mobility, in Dumaguete City.

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LTO Dumaguete City District Office

The LTO Dumaguete District Office is an LTO office in the Capitol Area of Taclobo, Dumaguete City. It is a regular full-service LTO district office, designed to implement the agency’s mandate in the city of Dumaguete. The office is also in place as an attempt to cut through the bureaucracy more efficiently. Together with their partner insurance, the LTO Dumaguete District offices carry out its mandate, while keeping the office and impounding area organized enough for workers to function and serve the public faster and more efficiently.

LTO DLRO Robinsons Dumaguete City

Aside from the LTO District Office, Dumaguete City also houses a Driver’s License Renewal Office (DLRO). The LTO DLRO in Robinsons Mall Dumaguete City also offers improved services like faster and more efficient licensing renewal and issuance of student permits

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Services Provided by LTO Dumaguete Office 

Some of the services offered by LTO Dumaguete includes the following: 

LTO Dumaguete City District Office

  • Driver’s license applications
    • Student Permit Applications
    • Non-Professional driver’s license (NPDL) applications 
    • Professional driver’s license (PDL) applications
  • Driver’s License Renewals
    • Student Permit renewals
    • Non-Professional driver’s license (NPDL) renewals 
    • Professional driver’s license (PDL) renewals
  • Issuance of Student Permit
  • Vehicle registration (privately-owned vehicles)
    • Motor vehicle (MV) registration 
    • Motorcycle (MC) registration
  • Vehicle registration renewal (privately-owned vehicles)
    • Motor vehicle (MV) registration renewal
    • Motorcycle (MC) registration renewal
  • Miscellaneous Transactions
    • Duplicate OR/CR
    • Duplicate Plate
    • Transfer of Ownership
    • Annotation & Cancellation of Mortgage
    • Revision of Records
    • Duplicate License (for Lost Licenses)
    • Insurance
    • Impounding

LTO DLRO Robinsons Dumaguete City

  • Application for New Student Permit
  • Application for the Renewal of Student Permit
  • Application for a Non-Professional License (NPDL)
  • Application for Professional License (PDL)
  • Renewal of Driver’s License (Non-Professional (NPDL) and Professional (PDL))
  • Revision of Records for Driver’s License

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How to Contact LTO Dumaguete

Reaching out to LTO is a simple process that can be done in various ways like via the Land Transport Management System (LTMS), or by phone or email, or by making a personal visit to the LTO head office. 

Contacting LTO Dumaguete, in particular, can be done in the same way, only, there’s a different set of contact information for each office directly.

Contact Information

To contact any of the LTO Dumaguete offices directly, you may do so via the following:

LTO Dumaguete City District Office

Agency Code: 0728 G02
Office Address: Capitol Area, Taclobo, Dumaguete City Negros Oriental
Telephone Number: +639 985916359
Agnes A. Pinili
Email Address:
Official Facebook Page:
Operating Hours: 7:30AM – 6:30PM (Mondays to Thursdays)

LTO DLRO Robinsons Dumaguete City

Office Address: Robinsons Place Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental Philippines
Telephone Number: 09269947688
Email Address:
Operating Hours: 10AM – 7PM (Mondays to Sundays)

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Video: Getting a Student Permit at LTO Dumaguete

As the first step to becoming a full-fledged driver with legal permission to operate a motor vehicle (MV) on Philippine public roads, getting a student permit is an important step for every MV owner. That said, here’s an explainer video from by on Youtube.

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Where is Dumaguete?

Dumaguete refers to the City of Dumaguete, a third class component city and capital of the province of Negros Oriental. As a university city housing four (4) large universities and several other colleges, Dumaguete is the smallest yet one of the most densely populated cities in the entire province. 

Dumaguete city is also well-known as the City of Gentle People and as a popular travel destination. Its population is only 125,000 but during the day, it can grow as much as three times when tourists and students come to visit the vibrant yet charming city.  

Dumaguete City is located on the plains of the southeastern coast of the Negros Island, near the mouth of the Banica River. It is a coastal city, naturally bounded on the east by the Bohol Sea and the Tañon Strait, serving as a natural border separating the Negros Island region from neighboring provinces in the Central Visayas Region. It is bounded on the north by the town of Sibulan, on the south by the town of Bacong, and on the west by the town of Valencia. 

Google Map Location

For driving directions to either one of the two LTO offices in the City of Dumaguete, you can check the surrounding areas and the instructions found with the map below.

LTO Dumaguete City District Office

LTO DLRO Robinsons Dumaguete City

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