LTO License Check: How to Verify Driver’s License Validity Online

Checking to ensure that your LTO Driver’s License, whether it is a Student Permit, a Non-Professional Driver’s License (NPDL), or a Professional Driver’s License (PDL), is valid is one of the responsibilities of every driver or car owner. As such, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) ensures that every driver or car owner would remember to check for validity of driver’s license by allowing them the ability to do so online. 

In the advent of faster Internet connectivity and more accessible computing devices like smartphones and laptops, it has become so much easier to get connected and to do things online. However, not everyone feels compelled to take advantage of or learn more about the things that can be done over the Internet. For some, transacting face-to-face is better in terms of getting their needs met. That’s why, despite the convenience and ease offered by being able to check LTO Driver’s License validity online, some still don’t know that it is an option or even how it’s done.

lto drivers license verification check

What is an LTO Driver’s License

Driver’s licenses are explicit permits in the form of plastic palm-sized cards issued by the Department of Transportation (DOTr), via the Land Transportation Office (LTO), in a bid to prove that an individual is legally allowed to handle and operate specific motor vehicles on Philippine roads.

It not only proves that you have taken the necessary step to be able to secure the government’s approval to drive, but it also proves that the government finds you roadworthy enough to be allowed behind the wheels. It proves that you aren’t a road hazard, both to yourself and to others, as determined by the relevant authorities. It also functions as a valid ID, which can be used to prove that a person is who he claims to be when transacting with both government and private institutions. 

LTO Driver’s License Check

The LTO driver’s license verification is an LTO service especially designed to allow drivers to check the validity of their driver’s license. This service is meant to help them keep their licenses in check and ensure that they have sufficient reminders on when they need to get their licenses renewed. Though the expiry date is also printed on the driver’s license itself, this LTO service also ensures that they don’t have any reason not to remember when they are expected to renew their licenses.

Benefits of Having a Valid LTO Driver’s License

Having a valid driver’s license and getting the ability to check the license validity online can be considered good public service from the agency. It means that the agency cares enough to ensure that the licensee enjoy the following benefits:

  • 24/7 access without the need to go to any of the LTO offices to check on the license validity.
  • It’s time-saving as you don’t have to take time off from work or family to complete the verification.
  • It supports longer family time since there’s no need to wait in line at the agency branches.
  • It’s convenient as they just need a mobile or computing device—be it a desktop or laptop computer or even a tablet or a smartphone—to run the LTO license check any time of the day.
  • It helps promote administrative procedures since this service helps them do away with a trip to the department registry to get the information they need.
  • It helps them avoid potential penalties and legal repercussions associated with driving without a license or with an expired license. 
  • It offers a valid photo ID that can be used when transacting in both public and private offices.
  • It obliges the licensees to watch their due date for renewal to ensure roadworthiness and safety while driving.

Who Needs to Check LTO Driver’s License Status

This LTO service allows users to verify the validity of driver’s licenses. It can be done by any individual in the Philippines who wishes to check or verify the status of a specific Philippine driver’s license. However, it is particularly effective and helpful to the following groups:

  • People who are looking to hire a person they don’t really know as their driver;
  • People who need to rent a car with driver service; and
  • Drivers who wish to avoid being asked or having to answer too many questions when apprehended by the police
  • People whose jobs involve driving another person’s car
  • Car owners who wish to check whether the driver of their car to whom they would let out or lend
  • Authorities who need to check the legitimacy and validity of an apprehended driver’s license

What do You Need to Verify Your LTO Driver’s License Validity Online

Running a driver’s license check or verification online is a simple process that doesn’t require much except for the following:

  • An active Internet connection
  • A computing device—preferably a smartphone
  • Active network service and load balance

What are the Requirements to Verify License Validity Online

To check or verify the status of an LTO driver’s license, you must have the following: 

  • An LTO driver’s license to check
  • First and Last Name

Step-by-step Procedures to Verify LTO Driver’s License Validity Online

To  learn how to verify the status of an LTO driver’s license, these are the steps you need to follow: 

Online, via the LTO website

Verifying the status or validity of an LTO driver’s license online is no longer available via the Online Inquiry tab on the LTO official website. You may, however, check on your LTO profile by logging into your Land Transport Management System (LTMS) portal online account and checking your information. 

If you do not have an LTMS account yet, you may register for an LTMS account


Step 1: Draft a text message to the LTO according to the following pattern:

LTO LICENSE [Driver’s license number] 

Step 2: Send it to 2600. 

Step 3: Wait for the system-generated message from the LTO once the text message was sent. 

The reply will give the following details

  • Period of license validity
  • If there has been any apprehension.
  • If there is any LTO alarm.


A charge of Php 2.50 is charged for the SMS service. Accessing the LTMS portal is free though.

Important Reminders

For your reference, here are some important reminders worth taking note of. 

  • Non-professional driver’s license issued for the first time is only valid for five (5) years.
  • Holders of license with five-year validity must take the PME within 60 days before their 3rd birthdate from the issuance of their license.
  • Those with a ten-year license, must undergo their PME before their 4th and 7th birthdays from the issuance of their license.
  • License holders are also required to submit a medical examination certificate from LTO-accredited clinics each time they renew their licenses.
  • License holders whose DL has expired for 10 years or longer are no longer allowed to drive and will be required to apply for a student permit again.

Video: How to Check the Status of Your LTO Driver’s License 

Learn more about how to check the validity of your driver’s license with LTO by watching the video from Ricardo Ronaldo:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most common questions and answers regarding checking the validity of the LTO driver’s license:

1. How long is the validity period of an LTO driver’s license?

The validity period changes depending on the license type. For Student Permits, the validity period is one year. On the other hand, first-time professional and non-professional driver’s licenses, as well as those who are renewing with traffic violations, get licenses that are valid for five years. If the licensee has a clean record, then he or she can renew his or her license and secure one with a 10-year validity period as per Republic Act 10930.

2. When will my license expire?

If you are looking for the expiration date of your driver’s license, then you can find it on the card’s front side. The validity period of your DL will also depend on whether your license is issued before or after your birthday. If your license was issued before your birthday, the current year is included in the validity period. Otherwise, the current year is not included when counting the validity period. 

3. Where can I find the information on my license type? 

If you need to check your new LTO driver’s license for the license type and restrictions, you may check the back of your license card. The license type information is in there, but unlike the old one, it is no longer on the front side.

4. Who do I reach out to for inquiries and concerns?

For more information or other concerns, you may contact the LTO at:

Land Transportation Office
Office Address: LTO Compound, East Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City, 1100 Philippines
Tel. No.: 89229061 to 63
Email Address:
Official website:


Whether you are a holder of a Student Permit, a Non-Professional Driver’s License (NPDL), or a Professional Driver’s License (PDL), ensuring its validity is one of the responsibilities of every driver or car owner towards road safety. After all, a valid driver’s license proves that the driver is roadworthy and that it is highly likely that the drivers and passengers of the vehicle will be safe during the trip. 

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