LTO Plate Number Check: How to Verify Plate Number via LTO Online

Registering a car or any motor vehicle and getting a plate number with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) can be a long and tedious process. Unfortunately, it is mandatory for all car owners, especially if they want to go test it out on the road. Equally important is the LTO plate number check, as it involves verification of the car’s number plates and registration, especially for second-hand vehicles. 

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The LTO plate number check, unlike the vehicle registration, is a simple, albeit, often understated process that car owners and drivers should not skip out on. Luckily, the process is simple and short, and would not take as much time as registration does. In this article, we looked into LTO plate number verification online, including its importance, processes, and the benefits it offers to both drivers and car owners alike.

lto plate number check how to verify plate number online

LTO Plate Number Check: What is It For

The LTO plate number check is the process of verifying to whom a car is registered to, or whether that car has been tagged by the LTO as a carnapped or a hot car; or whether it has a bad record with regards to driver apprehension. With the LTO plate number verification service made available online, the drivers and aspiring car owners can also do away with the suffering of waiting in long queues or even having to step outside to visit the LTO office just to check on their number plates. The LTO IT infrastructure has also made it so to provide an easier way for those who need to check number plates, its status, and its registration without the stress of making physical trips to LTO offices nationwide.

As the number plates were created to provide vehicles with a unique identity, it is especially helpful for people who purchase pre-loved vehicles to check on number plates. Not only does it help them confirm any information on the vehicle, but it also helps ensure that the new owner will not get in trouble for purchasing stolen items when they start driving it on public roads.

In simpler terms, running an LTO plate number check via LTO online should provide the searcher with the following information:

  • Plate number of the car;
  • Car Make and model;
  • Manufacturing year;
  • Car color;
  • Last registration date; 
  • Any apprehension records with the LTO

Verifying a car’s license plate ensures that each vehicle driven on public roads are valid and legal so drivers and car owners can avoid as many legal problems and safety problems as possible. License plates are extremely helpful in upholding traffic laws and making sure regulations are followed as it is unique and easy for authorities to trace.

Who Can Use the LTO Plate Number Check Online

This LTO online service that allows users to verify number plates is effective and helpful to the following people and circumstances:

  • People who are purchasing a pre-loved car from a person they don’t really know;
  • People who need to rent or borrow a car; and
  • Drivers who wish to avoid being asked or having to answer too many questions when apprehended by the police
  • People whose jobs involve driving another person’s car
  • Car owners who wish to check on cars that they have let out or lent to other people
  • Authorities who need to check the legitimacy of a car’s registration or the car’s apprehension history

What are the Benefits of Verifying Your Plate Number through LTO Online

Verifying the LTO plate number online can be considered good public service from the agency to the drivers and aspiring car owners for the following reasons:

  • There’s no need to go to the LTO branch to check on the license plate.
  • It’s time-saving as you don’t have to take time away from work or family to complete the verification.
  • It support longer family time since there’s no need to wait in line at the agency branches.
  • It’s convenient as they just need a mobile or computing device—be it a desktop or laptop computer or even a tablet or a smartphone—to run the LTO plate number check any time of the day.
  • It helps promote administrative procedures since this service helps them do away with a trip to the department registry to get the information they need.
  • It helps them find the nearest toll where they can pay to re-register their vehicles after looking up information on their license plates.

What do You Need to Verify Your Plate Number Online

Running an LTO plate number verification online is a simple process that doesn’t require much except for the following:

  • An active Internet connection
  • A device—be it a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet
  • The 15-digit motor vehicle (MV) number found on the Certificate of registration or the information on the number plate to check

How to Verify Plate Number via LTO Online

A plate number verification can be done in different ways. In this guide, however, you are only going to learn about how it’s done online for convenience.

To verify your plate number via LTO online, here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Visit the website for LTO plate verification at:

Step 2: Enter the 15-digit MV number written on the top-left side of your certificate of registration. 

Step 3: Enter the verification code.

Step 4: Click “search.” Once done, you should see any of the following prompts:

  • This vehicle information cannot be found

Seeing this prompt will require you to maybe check on the vehicle information again as you may have entered the wrong vehicle information.

  • Wrong verification code

This prompt simply means that your confirmation code was wrong or you may have entered the wrong one.

  • License plate information is available

This prompt means that both the MV number information and confirmation code you have entered is correct.

Based on these results, you may then continue checking your LTO plate number online.

Important Reminders

Should you decide to use the LTO plate number check service online, here are some things you’d want to remember:

  • In addition to the LTO plate number verification online, you can also utilize the LTO SMS plate number verification system to see if the plate number and registration are legitimate though it doesn’t come free.
  • Note that the online LTO plate number verification only works for private vehicles. 
  • It is unclear if public utility jeepneys (PUJs) and other public utility vehicles (PUVs) like such as taxis, tricycles, motorcycles, and trucks are included in the LTO’s verification system database. 
  • The LTO plate number check online and SMS verification is only serviceable during regular office hours, Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. 
  • The LTO SMS plate number verification charges P2.50 for every successfully sent message regardless of network service (Globe, TNT, Smart, Sun Cellular, Dito, or Gomo)
  • This LTO plate number verification service can be extremely helpful if you do not want to stay too long at a police or a military checkpoint as you can just show them the message from the LTO proving that your car is totally clear of any apprehension and records.
  • This service is also quite useful for the police force, especially if they are out to get crooks and carnappers in a checkpoint.
  • Having a valid and legal number plate enables both drivers and aspiring car owners to avoid as many legal problems and safety problems as possible.
  • The 

Video: LTO Verification for Motorcycles, Vehicles, and Driver’s License in the Philippines

More than the boom of Internet services and advanced technologies, the advent of online services were brought forth by the modern need for “instant gratification” and convenience. In the Philippines, the LTO has adapted to modern times by offering LTO plate number checks online, but aside from that, they also offered an SMS version. 

To learn more about the LTO SMS plate number verification service, you may watch this video from Polisia Coo below:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

License plates are an integral part of every motor vehicle. Registration is one thing, but you may also run plate number checks by yourself online. If tou’re checking out the service, you’d want to check these common questions and answers first, for your reference. 

1. What is an LTO plate number?

An LTO plate number is a unique vehicle identifier issued by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) in a bid to help protect the security of both drivers and car owners. It’s like the vehicle’s ID with a unique number. Through this ID, law enforcers can track and tell whether a vehicle has the right to be used and driven on public streets or if it’s carnapped or stolen from someone else.

2. Is there another convenient way to check for your plate number aside from going through LTO online?

Yes. Other than checking via LTO online, there is another way which involves using your phone and sending an SMS.  

To learn how you can check your plate number by sending an SMS, listed below are the steps: 

Step 1: Open up your phone and your text messaging app.

Step 2: Type the message, “LTO VEHICLE [your vehicle’s plate number].”

Step 3: Send the message to 2600. Once sent, you should receive details about your car as well as verify your plate number. 

Note: This service is available for all networks but only on work days. It also costs Php 2.50, regardless if you received a reply or not, as long as the message has been sent. To make sure you’re getting it right and not wasting your Php 2.50, then make sure to send the message in proper format only during LTO office hours, Mondays thru Fridays, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. 

You may also use the text service to check on other things by using the following keywords:

  • LTO NEW NON PRO: Requirements for new non-professional driver’s license
  • LTO RENEW NON PRO: Requirements for renewal of non-professional driver’s license
  • LTO NEW STUDENT: Requirements for a new student permit
  • LTO NEW REG PRIVATE: Procedures for new registration of private vehicles
  • LTO RENEW REG PRIVATE: Procedures for renewal of registration of private vehicles
  • LTO COMPLAINT PUV (PLATE NUMBER) (COMPLAINT): Complaints regarding for-hire motor vehicles

3. Why is it important to run verification checks on your plate number?

As the main purpose of a license plate is to ensure that each vehicle is trackable while it is being driven on public roads, it was especially designed to give each vehicle a unique identity. Checking on this “unique identity” is like checking on a person’s ID. It gives the information on the identity of the car, which includes the following information:

  • Plate number of the car;
  • Car Make and model;
  • Manufacturing year;
  • Car color;
  • Last registration date; 
  • Any apprehension records with the LTO

4. Where can I find the 15-digit Motor Vehicle (MV) number?

The 15-digit Motor Vehicle (MV) number can be found in the original official receipt/certificate of registration (ORCR). If you check your OR/CR, you will see your Motor Vehicle (MV) number on the top-left side. You will need this to run plate number checks. Once the system recognizes the status, it will tell you all the registration information as well as when and where you can pick your plate up from an LTO office, if it has not yet been released.

5. Is there a fee in availing this service?

No. If you are running an LTO plate number verification online, then you do not need to worry about paying any fee. However, if you are checking for the playe number via the LTO SMS service, then there is a certain fee to avail of this specific service. Regardless of the network service provider you use, the fee would be P2.50.

6. What if I am subscribed to a specific promo, would I still be charged P2.50 for the LTO SMS plate number verification service?

Yes. Even if you are subscribed to a text promo with your network service provider, you will still get a P2.50 charge deducted from your current load credit upon availing this specific service.

7. Why is the LTO Online Plate Number Verification suspended?

In November 2020, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) teamed up with Stradcom Corporation so they can provide the agency with the IT services it needs. Unfortunately, there was a misconfiguration of the old website, resulting in vulnerability and eventual information leak, which hackers did not pass up on. The hack tapped into LTO’s connection, resulting in the leak of 9,952 driver’s license details and 19,406 motor vehicle data, including information on the car’s manufacturer, plate number, engine number, chassis number, registration expiry, owner, and whether the vehicle is a private or public utility vehicle. The stolen data was then stored on


Running an LTO plate number check or verification online is best done via LTO online. It does not only save time and effort, but it also offers convenience which os really quite attractive when availing any government service. However, it is not the only way to run such check. If you are willing to shell oit a minimal fee of Php 2.50, then the option to do this via SMS is also available to you. 

Knowing that your LTO plate number is free of apprehension and has updated registration will help you avoid getting into trouble while driving stress-free around the country. It also helps authorities trace MVs that were used in the commission of a crime as it is through the number plates that cars are tracked. 

The LTO plate number check may not seem as important as getting a driver’s license or processing a motor vehicle registration, but it actually serves a very important purpose, especially for those who are looking to buy second-hand cars or drive cars for others. It not only ensure that the car is “clean” and won’t cause legal problems to the new owner in the future. 

Contact Information

Land Transportation Office (LTO)
LTMS portal: Visit the LTO’s official website and fill out their Contact Us form at
Telephone Number: You may contact them at their telephone number (632) 922-9061 to 66.
Email: You may also send them an email at
LTO Text Hotline Service: You may use LTO’s nationwide SMS service for drivers and vehicle owners by typing LTOHELP and sending it to 2600
LTO office: For information, you may check the LTO branch closest to you.

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