How to Apply LTO Medical Certificate

An LTO Medical Certificate has always been one of the main requirements for securing a driver’s license in the Philippines. Along with a negative drug test and other documents like the Application for Permits and Licenses (APL) form and an eye test result, the LTO Medical Certificate is mandated by law to ensure that the driver is mentally and physically fit so he or she could keep himself and his passengers, as well as the other drivers and passengers, safe on the road.

In 2019, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) changed the process of getting the medical certificate issued and processed within the LTO system. Instead of having the applicants secure the medical certificate and bring them to the LTO, the agency now only accepts medical certificates issued online and transmitted electronically by medical clinics and practicing physicians who are registered within the LTO system.

The online transmission system gives the agency full control of all LTO transactions, while minimizing the risk of fraud or manipulation of presented medical certificates. With this guide, we hope to offer a walkthrough on how you can secure these LTO-required medical certificates safely and legally in order to secure your driver’s license.

how to get an lto medical certificate form

LTO Medical Certificate: What is It and What is It For?

An LTO Medical Certificate is a document electronically issued by LTO-accredited clinics and practicing physicians to aspiring driver license applicants. This also serves as proof that the DL applicant is physically and mentally fit to drive a motor vehicle. 

The LTO Medical Certificate is a must have for everyone seeking to acquire a driver’s license in the Philippines, regardless of the license classification. It means you will need a medical certificate regardless if you are trying to secure a student driver’s license, a non-professional driver’s license, or a professional driver’s license. A medical certificate is also a mandatory requirement for individuals who are renewing their driver’s license in the Philippines.

Information Included in the LTO Medical Certificate

Because the medical certificate is intended to prove that the individual has all his physical and mental faculties in order, the Department Order No. 2015-014 mandates that the medical certificate reflect that following information:

  • Full Name 
  • Complete Address
  • Professional Tax Receipt (PTR) number  
  • Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) number of the Physician who did the exam

The medical certificate should be able to prove the following  about the license applicant:

  • Is mentally and physically fit for driving
  • Is drug-free
  • Is not color blind  
  • Has good eyesight or needs correction glasses
  • Is able to hear clearly or needs a hearing device

It should also reflect any form of disabilities, including:

  • Orthopedically Impaired
    • For upper limbs: Amputated left or right arm with prosthesis
    • For lower limbs: Amputated left or right leg with prosthesis
    • Post-Poliomyelitis: With one paralyzed leg either left or right
  • Partially blind
  • Speech and Hearing Impaired
  • Free from highly contagious diseases (for PDL applicants)

Aside from these, the medical certificate should also reflect all other existing diseases or medical conditions or disabilities. These things should be declared by the license applicant and it includes sickness history involving certain conditions like:

  • High blood pressure
  • Stroke
  • Visual disturbances (glaucoma or cataract)
  • Limb problems
  • Dementia
  • Diabetes

List of Medical Tests for LTO License

To obtain an LTO medical certificate, you must pass a health check that includes: 

  • A drug test at the clinic
  • Eye test
  • Hearing and speaking check
  • Disabilities
  • Blood tests 
  • Dementia
  • High blood pressure

There’s a good reason why LTO requires checking on these things. The drug test, for instance, is the agency’s way of checking if the applicant uses illegal narcotics as it can affect one’s physical and mental health. The eye test, on the other hand, ensures that the driver’s license applicant meets the standard distant binocular visual acuity of not less than 20/40 by Snellen (or 0.5, 6/12) in both eyes, with or without corrective lenses. Depending on the result of the eye test, though, you may be allowed to drive but with the following restrictions:

  • 20/50 vision qualifies for driving with corrective glasses/lenses
  • 20/60 vision qualifies for daytime driving only
  • Persons with cataracts are not allowed to drive at night

The medical tests also include checking on the other conditions including your ability to hear and speak, your disabilities, and all your other diseases that can affect your capability to drive safely.

How Much Does an LTO Medical Certificate Cost?

Getting a medical certificate a few days before your application date can help you avoid long lines. The LTO medical certificate usually costs Php 500.00, but it could vary depending on the guidelines of the medical clinics.

The medical result will be sent by the medical clinic electronically to the LTO’s database in a bid to avoid forgery, duplication, and faking of the certificate.


How long is the Validity Period of the LTO Medical Certificate? The LTO medical certificate is sent by medical clinics electronically to the LTO office and it is valid and usable for only fifteen (15) days from the date it was issued.

Where to Get the LTO Medical Certificate

The LTO Medical certificate can be secured from any LTO-accredited or government physician and government clinics or hospitals, usually located within the vicinity of an LTO office

How to Get a Medical Certificate for LTO

Driver’s license applicants, regardless of license classification, will need to follow these steps to secure a LTO medical certificate:

Step 1: Visit any LTO-accredited or government physician and government clinics or hospitals closest to you. These are usually within the vicinity of an LTO office, but if they’re not, you can always check the LTO website to check the list of accredited clinics and physicians nationwide. 

Step 2: Settle the fees.

Step 3: Provide your personal information by filling out forms for patients.

Step 4: Wait for your turn to be tested for drug use, visual acuity, hearing and speaking, disabilities, and other diseases.

Step 5: Once done, a certificate will be issued and sent electronically to LTO via the LTMS.

LTO Medical Certificate Sample Form

Here is a sample medical evaluation form to give you an idea what this looks like:

lto medical certificate evaluation form

Important Reminders

Here are a few reminders for those who are seeking to apply for an LTO Medical Certificate:

  • You will need an LTO Medical Certificate when applying for a driver’s license, whether as a new applicant or for renewal.
  • The most important factor that a medical practitioner will check on you are your eyes. That said, LTO-accredited medical clinics will take great care in getting a precise eye exam done by giving applicants a series of eye tests. 
  • Before the medical certificate can be electronically submitted to the LTO via the Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) portal, both the examining physician and the license applicant must have their biometric finger scans. 
  • During the medical examination, you need to make sure that you let the examining physician know all medical conditions you have as of the present especially those conditions that might affect your ability to drive safely.
  • Certain restrictions will be imposed depending on the result of the medical exam.
  • Passing of fake medical certificates, regardless whether it was forged, duplicated, or processed from a non-licensed physician, are not accepted at any LTO office. 
  • You will not be allowed to secure a license or even renew a license using a fake certificate, regardless of classification.
  • If any driver’s license is issued by accident or by mistake, it will be immediately recalled by LTO and a proper case shall be filed.
  • In order to get tested, you will need to visit any of the LTO-accredited clinics nationwide. 
  • Once you are done with the LTO medical exam, the medical certificate you needed for your driver’s license application will be sent directly to LTO.
  • If the LTO-accredited clinics near the LTO offices are closed or unavailable, you can take the medical exam from a different LTO-accredited clinic.
  • It doesn’t really matter which LTO-accredited medical clinic you decide to get tested. 
  • The important thing to consider when acquiring a medical certificate for LTO is that the medical clinic and the physician is accredited by the agency.
  • Drivers involved in traffic collisions that results in the death of a person, physical injuries, or serious property damage are required to undergo a medical exam at any LTO-accredited medical clinic or government health facility to assess their physical and mental fitness to drive within 72 hours of the time of the road crash or, if applicable, their release from detention or medical care.
  • Drivers whose license has five-year validity must take the PME within 60 days before their 3rd birthdate from the issuance of their license.
  • Drivers whose license has a ten-year validity period, must undergo their PME before their 4th and 7th birthdays from the issuance of their license.
  • License holders are also required to submit a medical examination certificate from LTO-accredited clinics every time they renew their licenses.

Video: Guide to Applying for an LTO Medical Certificate 

In this video posted on the Youtube channel, WanderJ, the vlogger shares a complete guide to securing an LTO Medical Certificate, along with some of the most frequently asked questions about it. 

Some questions that was answered in the video include:

  • What is an LTO Medical Certificate?
  • Is the LTO Medical Certificate required for driver’s license applications?
  • Where can I secure an LTO Medical Certificate?
  • What medical tests are done during the LTO Medical exam?
  • How much does an LTO medical certificate cost?
  • How long is the validity period of an LTO medical certificate?

To learn about these things and more, you can watch the video below:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here’s a list of all the frequently asked questions and answers regarding the LTO medical certificate:

1. Are foreigners required to present a medical certificate?

Like Filipino driver’s license applicants, foreigners in the Philippines who are looking to secure a driver’s license are bound by the same rules. Having said that, they are also required to submit an LTO medical certificate even if they have a dual citizen license. Foreigners will need to submit to a medical exam conducted by any LTO-accredited licensed physician who is practicing in the Philippines, so they can have his medical certificate electronically sent to LTO.

2. Can I skip on getting an LTO medical certificate when applying for a driver’s license?

No. According to the LTO, getting a medical certificate is “a vital part of the driver’s license application process to determine if the applicant is fit to operate a motor vehicle” and should not be skipped.

3. Can I use an LTO medical certificate “sold” by LTO-accredited medical clinics to driver’s license applicants?

No. Medical certificates issued without a physical examination, even if it is complete with the stamped name and signature of the accredited doctor, is not acceptable as it is secured through the violation of LTO Memorandum Circular 2018-2157. The license applicants are encouraged to report this type of clinic to LTO. Once proven, the LTO will issue a Notice of Violation/Cease-and-Desist Order for both the clinic and the doctor whose stamped name and signature appeared in the medical certificate. Aside from closure, the Medical Clinic will also be deactivated from the LTO IT system.

4. Does the LTO require a Neuro-Psychiatric Exam before a medical certificate is issued?

Not from everyone. The only ones required by LTO to undergo a neuro-psychiatric assessment or exam from any government-accredited facility are the following:

  • People whose driver’s license has been revoked 
  • Any person who has been found to be an improper person to operate motor vehicles
  • Any person who has committed, or as an accessory to, any crime 
  • Any person who has committed, or as an accessory to act which endangers the public while driving
  • Any person who has accumulated at least forty demerit points 
  • Those who have been subject to an outright revocation of driver’s license under Section 16 of the IRR of RA 10930
  • Those whose driver’s license has been revoked for any other lawful reason except in cases where perpetual disqualification from being granted a license has been imposed.

5. Where can I get an LTO medical certificate?

Getting a medical certificate required for a driver’s license application or renewal can be done by visiting any of the LTO-accredited medical clinics listed on the LTO website. You can access this list by visiting this link:

6. How do I reach out to the LTO for questions or concerns?

To reach out to the LTO, you may try the following contact information:

Via the LTMS portal: Visit the LTO’s official website and fill out their Contact Us form at

Via phone call: You may contact them at their telephone number (632) 922-9061 to 66.

Via email: You may also send them an email at

Via the LTO Text Hotline Service: You may use LTO’s nationwide SMS service for drivers and vehicle owners by typing LTOHELP and sending it to 2600

By visiting the LTO office: For information, you may check the LTO branch closest to you.


Getting an LTO driver’s license in the Philippines is a simple act of keeping yourself and others safe. As part of the agency’s attempt to help ensure safety on the road, they initiated the need for an LTO medical exam and certificate for every aspiring driver.

The LTO medical certificate is one of the many requirements for securing a driver’s license. It’s easy to get, requiring only a short visit to an LTO-accredited clinic and physician and a mere Php 500.00. The mandatory medical exam ensures that the driver is healthy and that he doesn’t have any disease, disability, or any underlying conditions that will affect his driving prowess and endanger himself and others.

The medical certificate proves that the driver won’t pose danger to himself and others due to his health or body conditions. It’s also a mandatory requirement, so if you want to drive legally in the Philippines, then you will need to secure one. 

Contact Information

Land Transportation Office (LTO)
LTMS portal: Visit the LTO’s official website and fill out their Contact Us form at
Telephone Number: You may contact them at their telephone number (632) 922-9061 to 66.
Email: You may also send them an email at
LTO Text Hotline Service: You may use LTO’s nationwide SMS service for drivers and vehicle owners by typing LTOHELP and sending it to 2600
LTO office: For information, you may check the LTO branch closest to you.

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