How to Verify Your Medical Certificate Using LTMS Portal

Adding and verifying your medical certificate using your Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) portal account online is the first step to almost every license-related transaction offered by the Land Transportation Office (LTO). It is an essential step for completing various license-related transactions online and it serves as proof of your physical and mental fitness to operate a motor vehicle. 

By having a medical certificate added to your LTMS portal account, you streamline administrative procedures and confirm your physical and mental fitness to operate a motor vehicle without leaving your home. This crucial document uploaded and verified on your account also allows you to complete LTO transactions online, regardless if it’s applying for a new driver’s or conductor’s license, renewing an existing one, or accessing other services provided by the agency. To learn how, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the process step-by step.

verify medical certificate in ltms portal online

What is a Medical Certificate in LTO?

A medical certificate is a health-related document required by the LTO. It is a document issued by LTO-accredited clinics and LTO-accredited physicians. It serves as proof of the applicant’s physical and mental fitness to drive a motor vehicle, ensuring the safety of both the driver and other road users. This certificate is mandatory for various LTO transactions, including applying for a new driver’s license, renewing an existing one, or accessing other services provided by the LTO through the LTMS portal.

According to Department Order No. 2015-014, a medical certificate submitted to the LTO included specific details such as the applicant’s full name, complete address, and professional information of the issuing physician. It also confirms the applicant’s mental and physical fitness for driving, absence of drug use, and good eyesight and hearing. Any existing disabilities, medical conditions, or temporary or permanent impairments are also disclosed in the medical certificate before it is deemed valid and acceptable by the agency.

Adding a Medical Certificate for Verification Using the LTMS Portal

Adding a Medical Certificate for verification using the LTMS Portal is essential for accessing a wide range of LTO services online, including license applications and renewals. By uploading their medical certificates through the portal, applicants declare their medical conditions, resulting in a more efficient and transparent verification process, and ultimately facilitating safer driving practices. Additionally, utilizing the LTMS Portal reduces the need for physical visits to LTO offices, saving time and resources for both applicants and the LTO.

Getting your Medical Certificate verified via the LTMS Portal is a necessary procedure, especially if you are an LTMS user. Not only does it ensure that the LTMS user meets the required health standards set by the LTO for licensing safety, but this also helps uphold roadworthiness by confirming that the drivers or conductors using the platform for licensing services are physically and mentally fit to operate vehicles. Additionally, using the LTMS Portal streamlines administrative procedures, making it more convenient for applicants to fulfill licensing requirements online.


Adding a Medical Certificate for verification using the LTMS Portal offers several benefits such as:

  • Convenience
  • Time-saving
  • Accessibility
  • Enhanced transparency
  • Compliance assurance 
  • Cost-effectiveness 
  • Streamlined procedures 
  • Integration with other services  

These benefits collectively contribute to a more accessible, efficient, and transparent process for adding and verifying medical certificates through the LTMS Portal.


The process of adding a Medical Certificate for verification using the LTMS Portal is particularly important to:

  • Driver’s license holders and applicants
  • Conductor’s license holders and applicants
  • Student Permit holders and applicants
  • Individuals renewing their driver’s licenses
  • Those seeking to access other LTO licensing services online through the LTMS Portal.
  • Physicians and medical professionals accredited by the LTO to issue medical certificates.
  • Any individual with access to the internet and the necessary requirements for LTMS Portal registration and wish to transact via the portal

This process is open to anyone who needs to submit a medical certificate for LTO transactions and is able to comply with the requirements outlined by the LTO.


Before you can add your medical certificate to your account and have it verified using the LTMS portal, you need to make sure that you have the following:

  • Stable and reliable Internet connection
  • A valid email address for LTMS registration purposes (For those without an LTMS account)
  • A registered account on the LTMS portal 
  • Correct and valid login credentials (email address or LTO Client Number and nominated password)
  • Compatible, internet-ready computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Updated and compatible web browser  
  • A copy of your medical certificate or at least the number on the medical certificate issued by the LTO-accredited medical clinic where you had your medical examination completed.

With these things in place, you can get on with the process of accessing and viewing or checking on your demerit points online.


To streamline the process and facilitate online transactions, the LTO requires all LTMS portal users to add and verify their medical certificate using their own LTMS portal account. Doing so is quite easy, but in case you need help, here’s a set of instructions to help:

Step 1. Access the LTMS Portal

Open your web browser and navigate to the official LTMS portal website.

Step 2. Log In or Register

If you already have an account, log in using your credentials. Otherwise, register for a new LTMS portal account by following the prompts and providing the required information.

Step 3. Navigate to Licensing Section

Once logged in, navigate to the Licensing section of the LTMS portal dashboard.

Step 4. Accept Terms of Use

If prompted, review and accept the Terms of Use for using the LTMS portal services.

Step 5. Select License Type

Choose the appropriate license type for your application or renewal.

Step 6. Initiate Medical Certificate Addition

Look for the button that reads “add your Medical Certificate” and click to add your medical certificate to your account for verification.

Step 7. Enter Medical Certificate Details

Input your Medical Certificate Number as provided by the LTO-accredited clinic where you underwent your medical examination.

Step 8. Initiate Verification Process

Click on the “Verify” button to initiate the verification process for your medical certificate.

Step 9. Wait for Verification

Allow some time for the LTMS portal to verify the authenticity of your medical certificate. The system will check if the certificate has been electronically submitted by the accredited clinic to the LTO.

Step 10. Confirmation of Verification

Once verified, you should receive confirmation that your medical certificate has been successfully added and verified on your LTMS portal account.

Step 11. Review and Confirm

Double-check the details of your verified medical certificate to ensure accuracy.

Step 12. Proceed with Transactions

With your medical certificate successfully added and verified, you can now proceed with other license-related transactions available through the LTMS portal, such as applying for a new license or renewing an existing one.

Note: It’s crucial to note that your medical certificate must be electronically submitted by the LTO-accredited clinic to the LTO via the LTMS MC Connect for successful verification. Failure to have your certificate submitted in this manner will result in your medical certificate number being unable to be verified. Without a verified medical certificate, you will be unable to proceed with any further steps in your LTO portal transaction, whether it involves license renewal, application, or any other licensing-related transaction. Therefore, ensure that your medical certificate is properly submitted to avoid delays or complications in your LTO transactions.

By following these step-by-step procedures, you can easily add and verify your medical certificate using your LTMS portal account, streamlining the process for license-related transactions with the LTO.


Adding and verifying your medical certificate on the LTMS portal is free of charge, as the cost of the medical examination at the accredited clinic already covers this service. There are no additional fees associated with uploading and verifying your medical certificate through the LTMS portal. This cost-free process enhances accessibility and ensures that applicants can complete their license-related transactions without incurring extra expenses.

Processing Time

The processing time for adding your medical certificate to successful verification shouldn’t take more than 5 to 15 minutes, assuming you have a stable internet connection. After entering your Medical Certificate Number and initiating the verification process, the LTMS portal typically swiftly confirms the authenticity of the certificate, facilitating efficient completion of the procedure. Once verified, you can proceed with confidence to other license-related transactions available through the LTMS portal.

Video: Updated Requirements and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the LTO’s Medical Certificate Requirement

For comprehensive information on the requirements, procedures, and all aspects of obtaining a medical certificate for your licensing transactions with the LTO, check out this informative video from Wander J. It provides detailed insights to help guide you through the process effectively.


Adding your medical certificate by entering the medical certificate number into your LTMS portal account for verification is a straightforward process that ensures compliance with LTO requirements. This method allows for quick and efficient confirmation of the authenticity of the medical certificate, typically taking only a few minutes to complete. Once verified, you can proceed with confidence knowing that your documentation is in order for your license-related transactions.

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