How to Change Clutch Type on Driver’s License Using the LTMS Portal

Changing the clutch type on your LTO driver’s license via the Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) portal is a simplified process to modify the  permission to drive certain vehicles. By accurately reflecting the driver’s proficiency in handling specific transmission systems, such adjustments ensure compliance with regulations while reflecting significant implications for road safety and driving efficiency.

Accessing the LTMS portal, submitting necessary documents, and completing the transaction online is quite a straightforward process. Compared with the previous process requiring physical appearance and face-to-face transaction with the Land Transportation Office (LTO), being able to do this online via the LTMS portal offers convenience, prompts compliance, and contributes to an overall better LTO experience.

How to Change Clutch Type on Driver’s License via LTMS

What Does the Clutch Type Information in the License Tell You

The clutch type information on a driver’s license indicates whether the driver is authorized to operate vehicles with manual transmission (MT), automatic transmission (AT), or both. This designation directly influences the range of vehicles the driver is legally permitted to drive, ensuring compliance with road safety regulations and enhancing driving efficiency. In the past, the driver’s license card did not explicitly state whether the vehicle a licensee can operate was manual or automatic, but with the introduction of new driver’s license (DL) codes, the clutch type information became part of the license card details, necessitating clarity.

Aside from being required by law, it is important for the driver’s to ensure that their DL card reflects the correct clutch type to prove that they are authorized to operate vehicles that match their skillset and proficiency. With this information, traffic enforcers can check that the road safety measures are observed by the license holders. This also minimizes the risk of accidents caused by drivers operating vehicles beyond their capabilities. This alignment between driver skills and vehicle types also facilitates clearer communication among traffic enforcers and fellow motorists, contributing to overall road safety and efficiency.

Changing the Clutch Type on Your LTO Driver’s License Online

Altering the clutch type on your LTO driver’s license card involves modifying the permission to drive vehicles with manual, automatic, or both types of transmission. It directly impacts the driver’s ability to operate vehicles with different transmission systems. Whether denoted as “MT” for manual transmission or “AT” for automatic transmission, this adjustment delineates the range of vehicles a driver can legally drive. It also promotes safer road practices and reduces the risk of accidents due to misinterpretation.

Making sure that your license reflects the accurate clutch type makes it clearer as to what type of vehicle the driver is allowed to legally operate. For example, a license indicating “MT” allows the holder to drive both manual and automatic transmissions, while “AT” restricts the driver to vehicles solely equipped with automatic transmission. This distinction ensures compliance with road safety regulations and enhances driving efficiency by aligning the driver’s skills with the appropriate vehicle type.


To qualify for a clutch type change transaction online via the LTMS Portal, one must:

  • Hold a Philippine Driver’s License


Applicants for change clutch type transaction online also need to provide the following documentary requirements:

  • Duly accomplished Application for Permits and Licenses (APL) Form
  • If applicable, electronically transmitted medical certificate from an LTO accredited medical clinic. Submission of one (1) photocopy and presentation of the original medical certificate
  • Presentation of the original Driver’s License


To change the clutch type through the LTMS Portal online, interested driver’s license holder must follow these steps:

Step 1. Ensure your device has a stable internet connection and a compatible web browser.

Step 2. Access the official LTMS portal by searching “LTMS LTO” or visiting the official LTMS website directly.

Step 3. Log in to your registered LTMS account using your email or LTO Client ID and password.

Step 4. If not registered, create an account by clicking Register.

Step 5. Once logged in, go to the Dashboard menu and click on Licensing.

Step 6. Read and accept the Terms of Use.

Step 7. Select your license type, such as Driver’s License, and proceed.

Step 8. Choose “Change of Clutch Type” from the list of transactions and proceed.

Step 9. Enter your driver’s license number and expiry date, then continue.

Step 10. Fill out the required forms and upload necessary documents.

Step 11. Select your preferred LTO branch and appointment date.

Step 12. Review the details for accuracy and submit your application.

Step 13. Choose your payment mode.

Step 14. Await application confirmation and proceed to payment.

Step 15. Pay the application fee and wait for the Official Receipt via email.

Step 16. On your appointment date, visit the selected LTO branch and present proof of your paid transaction.

Step 17. Receive a queue number and wait for processing.

Step 18. When called, proceed to the CSO window for biometric capturing.

Step 19. Wait in the designated area for payment of the DL.

Step 20. Receive the Official Receipt.

Step 21. Present the OR to collect your updated permit/driver’s license.

Step 22. Sign in the log sheet and claim your updated DL card.


To change the clutch type on your driver’s license card online using the LTMS portal, you need to make sure that you have the budget for at least the following fees:

  • P 785.00 if the license card is up for renewal.
  • P 425.00 if the license card isn’t due for renewal yet.

Note that the fees may vary based on the need for other transactions, like revisions of records, change of venue, or license renewals. In such cases, you can expect additional fees for most LTO transactions and allocate funds accordingly.

Processing Time

The processing time for clutch type change transactions via the LTMS portal is approximately one (1) hour and twenty (20) minutes for a single transaction, and only if all the required documents are submitted. Additional transactions may mean longer processing times and additional fees. In any case, drivers who are processing change of clutch type requests can monitor their application status in real-time through the LTMS Portal.


Changing the clutch type on an LTO driver’s license via the LTMS portal is an important frontline service offered by the LTO to the public. It directly affects a driver’s ability to operate vehicles with different transmission systems, as it reflects the driver’s proficiency in handling specific transmission systems, making it easier for the LTO to carry out their mandate to ensure safe roads with little to no risk of accidents.

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