How to Print Official Receipts (OR) from the LTMS Portal

Accessing and printing official receipts (OR), regardless if it is a vehicle, licensing, or transaction receipt, from the Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) Portal is a straightforward process that offers convenience and efficiency to users. It is super important and offers a hassle-free solution for motorists to manage their paperwork securely by following a few simple steps, thanks to the features of this portal created by the Land Transportation Office (LTO)

With just a few clicks, LTMS users can conveniently retrieve, save, and print the receipts you need from the comfort of their own space, allowing them to save time and effort otherwise spent in sorting through piles of paperwork or making trips and queueing at physical LTO offices nationwide.

how to print lto official receipts online

What are LTO Official Receipts

LTO Official Receipts (OR) are documents issued by the agency to acknowledge payment made for various transactions related to land transportation, such as vehicle registration, licensing fees, fines, and penalties. They serve as proof of payment and are essential for documentation and compliance purposes in the Philippines.

There are different types of ORs available for downloading and printing from the LTMS portal. These receipts include:

  • Vehicle Registration Receipts: Proof of payment for vehicle registration fees and taxes.
  • License Renewal Receipts: Confirmation of payment for driver’s license renewal fees. 
  • Transaction Receipts: Receipts for other transactions conducted with the LTO, such as change of ownership, vehicle transfer, or duplicate license issuance.

Regardless of the type, these receipts are essential for documenting and verifying transactions related to vehicles and driver’s licenses and the LTO. The good news is, they are all available for printing from the LTMS portal online, regardless of your timezone and location, as long as you have an LTMS portal account and a stable Internet connection. 

Downloading and Printing of LTO Official Receipts

Downloading and printing LTO Official Receipts from the LTMS Portal online means you can access and obtain important proof of payment documents for vehicle registration, license renewal, and other transactions conveniently from your computer or smartphone. This process eliminates the need for physical visits to LTO offices and reduces paperwork, saving you time and effort. By simply logging into your LTMS account, you can securely download and print receipts anytime, anywhere, ensuring you have the necessary documentation for your vehicle and licensing needs. 

The LTMS portal acts as a centralized hub for managing various aspects of land transportation, including the transaction records. It’s designed for ease and convenience, allowing the users to transact with the LTO anytime, anywhere, and access and print receipts with ease. It also does away with the paperworks and administrative hassle while allowing the agency to stay transparent and accountable. With this digital system in place, the LTO streamlines record-keeping and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, making it easier for the LTMS users to manage their transportation-related paperwork efficiently.


As the first step to being able to retrieve, access, download, and print receipts via the LTMS portal, you must meet at least one of the following criteria for eligibility for the service:

  • Registered vehicle owners
  • License applicants and holders
  • Individuals or organizations involved in LTO transactions
  • Licensed drivers renewing their licenses
  • Vehicle owners registering new vehicles or renewing registrations
  • Businesses managing fleet operations
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Authorized representatives


Once you are sure that you are eligible to enjoy this privilege, you may prepare the following requirements so you can start the process to view, download, or print receipts via the LTMS portal:

  • A stable internet connection
  • A valid registered account on the LTMS portal
  • Access to a compatible device
  • Updated web browser software
  • Relevant payment transactions
  • Correct LTMS portal login credentials

Procedure: Download and View LTO OR Transactions

There are two ways to print your official receipts: via the Documents Tab or the Transactions Tab. The steps vary depending on the type of receipt you’re printing.

For a step-by-step guide, here’s how to save, download, and print receipts from the LTMS portal:

Step 1. Visit the LTMS Portal Website

Ensure you have a stable internet connection and compatible web browser. Navigate to the official LTMS portal website.

Step 2. Log Into Your LTMS Portal Account

Use your registered email address or LTO Client ID and password to sign in. If you haven’t registered, create an LTMS portal account following the registration prompts.

Step 3. Navigate to the Documents or Transactions Tab

Depending on the type of receipt you want to save, download, or print, select either the Documents or Transactions tab from the dashboard menu options.

Step 4. Browse Document Categories

In the Documents section, locate the relevant category (e.g., Official Receipts). Click on it to access the list of receipts.

In the Transactions section, locate the relevant category (e.g., Closed). Click on it to access the list of receipts.

Step 5. Select the Specific Receipt

Browse through the list and click on the receipt you wish to save, download, or print.

Step 6. View or Download Receipt

Once you’ve selected the receipt, you’ll have the option to view it directly within the portal or download it to your device. Click on the appropriate option.

Step 7. Verify Receipt Details

Take a moment to review the receipt for accuracy, ensuring all important details are correct.

Step 8. Save or Print Document

Depending on your needs, you may choose to save a digital copy of the receipt for future reference or print it for physical documentation. Click the appropriate option.

Step 9. Printing Procedures

If you choose to print the receipt, select the “Print” option and generate a printable PDF version. Choose your printer and adjust settings as needed before clicking “Print” to obtain a hard copy.

Step 10. Secure Document Storage

After saving or printing, securely store the document to prevent unauthorized access or tampering.

By following these steps, you can leverage the document management features of the portal and efficiently access, save, download, and print LTO official receipts straight from the LTMS portal as needed.

Video: How to View, Save, and Print ORs from the LTMS Portal

For a visual guide on how to save, download, and print receipts from the LTMS portal, you can watch a this video tutorial from Kuyas ea:

Important Reminders

For your reference, here are some important stuff you need to remember when using the LTMS portal to download and print receipts:

  • Ensure your LTMS portal account is active and properly registered.
  • Double-check receipt information before printing.
  • Keep your LTMS Portal login credentials secure.
  • Contact LTMS support for assistance with discrepancies.


Using the LTMS portal for secure downloading and printing of receipts offers convenience, efficiency, and enhanced documentation management for users. By following the outlined procedures and meeting the necessary requirements, managing land transportation documentation becomes much easier.

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