LTO Tarlac Office Location and Contact Information

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) in Tarlac City is consists of a set of two (2) LTO offices: LTO Tarlac District Office (DO) and LTO Tarlac Licensing Center. Just like the other LTO offices elsewhere, the LTO offices in Tarlac City were created for the same purpose: To keep the roads safe by regulating the drivers and vehicles, so only those who are roadworthy are allowed on public roads.  to bring the LTO services closer to the people, especially to those who work behind the wheels.

The LTO office is of particular importance to the City of Tarlac which houses a population of over 385,000 people since it has one of the cities with the fastest growing population in the region. That said, it needs more than just one extra hand to keep the busy roads safe and the LTO offices in Tarlac City do exactly that. If you need to learn more about the LTO Tarlac Offices, its operating hours, services offered, and complete contact information, then this guide is for you.

lto tarlac office location and contact number

What is LTO Tarlac? 

LTO Tarlac refers to any or all of the LTO offices located in the City of Tarlac. These offices were set up to offer the core programs and services of LTO—ranging from the mandatory registration of motor vehicles (MV) and motorcycles (MC) to the issuance of licenses and permits, enforcement of land transportation rules and regulations, and collection of fees and revenue for the government—while taking into consideration the convenience of the transacting public in the City of Tarlac.

The LTO Offices that are intended to serve the people of Tarlac City are as follows:

LTO Tarlac District Office

The LTO Tarlac District Office, as the name suggests, is an extension and the one of the main operating arms of of LTO located in Barangay Binauganan—one of the oldest agricultural barangay in the South District Division of Tarlac City. This office serves the people of the city by offering the full range of LTO services, making the need to comply to LTO rules and regulations much easier to the people residing in the city as well as those in the surrounding areas of Tarlac City.

LTO Tarlac Licensing Center

The LTO Tarlac Licensing Center is the go-to office for all licensing needs in the city of Tarlac. Not only does it serves as a  faster, more convenient option to those who seek to secure a driver’s license or student permit, it also serves as the off-site printing office for all licensing transactions in the area. Located on the 3rd floor of the Metrotown Mall in Barangay Sto Cristo—a quarter in Tarlac City near the quarter of Ligtasan and the neighborhood called Aquino Subdivision, this LTO office was created with the convenience of the public in mind, which serves the agency well as it carries out its mandate to keep the roads of Tarlac City safe qnd filled with roadworthy drivers and vehicles alike.

List of Services Offered by the LTO Tarlac Offices

The LTO offices in Tarlac City serves as the implementing offices of the LTO in the local area, just like any other LTO offices elsewhere. They were meant to provide service and information so the transacting public may understand and be guided by the rules and regulations implemented by the agency. These offices were also opened so any motorist in the vicinity of Tarlac City may avail of the LTO services they need as well as enjoy the convenience of being in close proximity to some of the major establishments in the local area. So, if you are a motorist who needs LTO services, then you can head straight to the LTO offices in Talac City. They are in prime locations, so they are quite visible and are easily accessible to the public too. 

Though these offices are expected to offer all kinds of LTO services to the public, some offices, like the ones in Tarlac City, may have limited capabilities so their service offering may be quite limited. 

Some of the well-known services that are accessible to the LTO agencies in Tarlac City, includes: 

LTO Tarlac District Office Services

  • Student Permit Issuance
  • Driver’s License Renewals (not expired for more than 2 years)
    • Non-Professional driver’s license (NPDL) renewals 
    • Professional driver’s license (PDL) renewals
  • Driver’s License Miscellaneous Transactions (MV transactions)
    • Revision of Records
      • Change Marital Status
      • Change Address 
    • Duplicate OR/CR
    • Duplicate Plate
    • Transfer of Ownership
    • Annotation & Cancellation of Mortgage
  • Vehicle registration renewal and miscellaneous transactions
    • Motor vehicle (MV) registration renewal
  • Driver’s License Renewals (not expired for more than 2 years)
    • Non-Professional driver’s license (NPDL) renewals 
    • Professional driver’s license (PDL) renewals

LTO Tarlac Licensing Center Services

As a licensing center, this LTO office serves as an off-site print shop and a license service center to everyone seeking to acquire or renew their licenses and permits and registrations or make changes to their records and request such changes to appear on their driver’s licenses.

For other LTO services, you might find yourself needing to check with the specific LTO Tarlac City Offices or other nearby LTO offices first if you intend to visit, to check if they offer the service that you need. 

Some LTO services that need to be checked for availability, include:

  • New Vehicle registration and miscellaneous transactions
  • Vehicle registration renewal and miscellaneous transactions
    • Motorcycle (MC) registration renewal
  • Miscellaneous Transactions (License/Permits-related)
    • Revision of Records
    • Duplicate License (for Lost Licenses)
    • Collection of fees from law enforcement violations
    • Drug testing
    • Emission testing
  • New Driver’s license applications
    • Student Permit Applications
    • Non-Professional driver’s license (NPDL) applications 
    • Professional driver’s license (PDL) applications
  • Conductor’s License Applications and Renewals
  • Insurance
  • Proper Driver Education
  • Enforcement of land transportation laws, rules and regulations
  • Inventory of Plates
  • Issuance of Vanity License Plates
  • Issuance of Special Plates
  • The use of self-service kiosks 
  • The use of automated facilities for driver’s license applications exams

How to Contact LTO Tarlac City

Reaching out to the LTO Tarlac is much the same as reaching out to the other LTO offices nationwide. It can be done directly through the LTO Tarlac Offices or via the LTO headquarters and regional offices either via their phone numbers, email addresses, or social media accounts. But, since they are all under the jurisdiction of the newly delineated LTO NCR – East, it is also okay to reach out to the LTO NCR – East office via the following contact information:

Land Transportation Office (LTO) Region III – Office of the Regional Director

Agency Code: 0300
Office Address: Gov’t Center, Brgy. Maimpis, City of San Fernando, Pampanga
Telephone Number: (045) 455 1764
Email Address:,
Head of Agency: Eduardo C. De Guzman, Director II
Official Facebook page:,%20San%20Fernando,%20Pampanga/258628707527375/
Operating Hours: 8AM – 5PM (Mondays-Fridays)

Contact Information

For the contact information of LTO Pateros Extension Office, you may check the details listed below:

LTO Tarlac District Office

Agency Code: 0388
Office Address: Barangay Binauganan, Tarlac City
Telephone Number: (045) 628-4877
Head of Agency: Francis Peter M. Lising, OIC, TRO II
Email Address:
Official Facebook Page:
Operating Hours: 8AM – 5PM (Mondays-Fridays)

LTO Tarlac Licensing Center

Agency Code: 0392
Office Address: 3F Metrotown Mall, Sto. Cristo, Tarlac City
Head of Agency: Paulina B. Capulong, Chief TRO
Email Address:,
Official Facebook Page:
Operating Hours: 9AM – 7PM (Mondays-Fridays)

Video: Visiting LTO Tarlac to Secure a Non-Professional Driver’s License (NPDL)

Just like how it is done at other LTO offices, the LTO Tarlac City Offices is meant to make the LTO services better, more accessible, faster, and more convenient for the people who need to comply with the LTO rules and regulations, like when they need to secure a driver’s license or a student permit or to get their MV or MC registered before going out on public roads.

In this video, you can learn more about how to secure a Non Professional Driver’s License (NPDL) at LTO Tarlac by joining Christine Diane as she walks you through the entire process. You can also learn about the requirements, procedures and cost, as well as how it’s done at LTO Tarlac here:

Where is Tarlac City

Tarlac City, officially the City of Tarlac, is a first class component city and capital of the province of Tarlac. It is located right at the center of the province, along the Tarlac River, and was historically a pat of Porac, Pampanga. To date, Tarlac City has become both the education and shopping center of the province, housing a population of over 385,000 people. 

Tarlac City is home to numerous shopping malls, including SM City Tarlac which is the first SM Supermall in the Tarlac Province; Plaza Luisita Mall which is the first shopping center in Central Luzon (now Robinsons Luisita); the Magic Star Mall along Romulo Blvd. in Barangay Cut-cut; My MetroTown Mall in Barangay Sto Cristo; Palm Plaza Mall along McArthur Highway corner F. Tanedo St. Barangay Matatalaib; CityWalk also located in Barangay San Roque and CityMall located in Barangay San Rafael.

It is also the province’s educational center, housing numerous higher educational institutions, including Tarlac State University, Don Bosco Technical Institute, College of the Holy Spirit, Kian Tiak School, and the Ecumenical Christian College. 

Geographically, the city  of Tarlac is located right at the center of the province of Tarlac, along the Tarlac River. It is bordered on the north by Gerona and Santa Ignacia, on the west by San Jose, south by Capas and Concepcion and on the eastern boundaries, by Victoria and La Paz. Tarlac City is also approximately 58 kilometres (36 mi) north of Central Luzon regional center, San Fernando, Pampanga, and 124 kilometres (77 mi) north of Manila.

Google Map Location

Because Tarlac City is the usual bus stop for those who are traveling from the South to the Ilocos Region and Cordillera provinces, it is quite popular with numerous foot traffic any time of the day, especially through the MacArthur Highway which is where the bus companies’ rest stops usually are. 

The city also boasts of a great land transport sector, thanks to the series of roads leading from Tarlac to Zambales, Pangasinan, and even Baguio. Tllhe MacArthur Highway goes from south to north ends of the city, making passing through it easy for bus companies. Because of this, numerous bus companies, including Pangasinan Solid North Transit, Inc., Dagupan Bus Company, Philippine Rabbit, Victory Liner, Five Star, First North Luzon Transit, Luzon Cisco Transport, Genesis, Santrans, Viron Transit, and Partas, also take the much-needed break for their drivers here. 

The city also connects with three expressways: Subic–Clark–Tarlac Expressway (SCTEx) which connects with Tarlac–Pangasinan–La Union Expressway (TPLEx), and Central Luzon Link Expressway (CLLEx). These expressways serve as an alternate route for motorists going to the other parts of the Northern Luzon area from McArthur Highway.

For complete driving directions or specific information on the driving directions or travel routes to Tarlac City and any of the LTO offices within the city premises, then you may refer to the maps below:

LTO Tarlac District Office

LTO Tarlac Licensing Center

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