LTO Nueva Ecija Office Location and Contact Information

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) in Nueva Ecija is a set of LTO offices located in different places within the province. These offices manifest LTO’s intention to serve in the easiest, most accessible way, the people of Nueva Ecija, through the different branches located in various strategic locations within the landlocked province, in Sto. Domingo, Cabanatuan City, Gapan City, and San Jose City. 

The LTO’s desire to serve may not be exclusive to the province, but it is meant to serve as many of the people of the province as possible. Most of the LTO Nueva Ecija offices are full service district offices, too, with one licensing center for faster and more convenient permit and licensing transactions. If you are interested in learning more, then you can check this guide for more information about what these LTO Nueva Ecija offices offer, along with their location, contact information, and operational hours.

lto nueva ecija office location and contact number

What is LTO Nueva Ecija

LTO Nueva Ecija actually refers to the LTO offices in the Province of Nueva Ecija, a landlocked province in in the Central Luzon region, known as the Rice Granary of the Philippines due to the large rice yield in the province. The LTO Nueva Ecija offices are composed of a set of five (5) different offices in various areas of the province. These offices are mostly district offices or full-service LTO branches, with a licensing center mixed in, and are meant to bring the agency’s services closer to the public. 

The LTO Nueva Ecija offices include:

Baloc District Office

Located in Sto. Domingo, a third class municipality bordered by the municipalities of Talavera to the east, Quezon to the west, Science City of Muñoz to the north, Guimba to the northwest, and Aliaga to the south. This LTO offices is located at Brgy Baloc, and is a full service LTO office meant to serve the over 61,000 residents of Sto. Domingo, along with the neighboring cities and municipalities. 

Cabanatuan District Office

Also another full service LTO branch, the LTO Cabanatuan District office located at the highly urbanized center for economic, educational, medical, entertainment, shopping, and transportation in Cabanatuan City is meant to service not only the over 300,000 residents of the city, but also everyone who passes by the Cagayan Valley Road, as well as the residents of the cities and towns right next to Cabanatuan. 

Gapan District Office

Gapan, a fourth class component city in the province of Nueva Ecija, is yet another location for a full service LTO district office. It houses over 120,000 residents and is the home of age-old landmarks making it a great location to make LTO services more accessible. Gapan is located in the southern part of Nueva Ecija, 93 kilometers from Metro Manila. It is bounded to the north by Peñaranda and San Leonardo, to the east by the Gen. Tinio, to the south by San Miguel (Bulacan province), and to the west by San Isidro.

Nueva Ecija Licensing Center

In an effort to help keep motorists educated in road safety laws and to curb the number of accidents in the area, the agency has set up the Nueva Ecija Licensing Center in Cabanatuan City. It also offers affordable, accessible, comfortable, and safe transport services to motorists applying for a student permit, new driver’s license, or those renewing their current license.

San Jose District Office

The other LTO district office in the province of Nueva Ecija is located in San Jose (formerly Kabaritan), a third class component city that used to be a veritable hunting ground for wild animals. Now, it houses over 150,000 people and was the third to become a city of Nueva Ecija, after Cabanatuan and Palayan. 

List of Services Provided by the LTO Nueva Ecija Offices

All LTO offices, both in the province of Nueva Ecija and in the different places in the country, are created to bring the agency and its services closer to the people. For this reason, the LTO offices in Nueva Ecija are all strategically located to serve as many of the people who reside or traverse the Gateway to the North and its neighboring provinces. With these LTO offices in place, the agency keeps up with its mandate to keep the Nueva Ecija roads as safe as possible by allowing only qualified drivers and roadworthy vehicles. If you need to avail of any LTO services in the area, you can also take your pick among the numerous branches in the province, so you can get the job done as conveniently as possible. 

Some of the LTO services offered by the LTO Nueva Ecija offices include: 

  • Driver’s license applications
    • Student Permit Applications
    • Non-Professional driver’s license (NPDL) applications 
    • Professional driver’s license (PDL) applications
  • Driver’s License Renewals
    • Student Permit renewals
    • Non-Professional driver’s license (NPDL) renewals 
    • Professional driver’s license (PDL) renewals
  • Conductor’s License Applications and Renewals
  • Issuance of Student Permit
  • New vehicle registration and miscellaneous transactions
  • Vehicle registration renewal and miscellaneous transactions
    • Motor vehicle (MV) registration renewal
    • Motorcycle (MC) registration renewal
  • Miscellaneous Transactions
    • Duplicate OR/CR
    • Duplicate Plate
    • Transfer of Ownership
    • Annotation & Cancellation of Mortgage
    • Revision of Records
    • Duplicate License (for Lost Licenses)
  • Insurance
  • Proper Driver Education
  • Enforcement of land transportation laws, rules and regulations
  • Collection of fees from law enforcement violations
  • Drug testing
  • Emission testing
  • Inventory of Plates
  • Issuance of Vanity License Plates
  • Issuance of Special Plates

Do note, however, that some LTO offices in the entirety of Nueva Ecija may have limited capabilities, so some services might not be available. It’s best to check with the specific LTO branch first if the service you are interested in is available. 

How to Contact LTO Nueva Ecija

Reaching out to LTO Nueva Ecija can be done either by making a call, sending an email, or making a personal visit to the specific LTO branch. Whether it is about an inquiry, a concern, or a report, you may reach out to any of the LTO Nueva Ecija City offices during their operational hours.

Contact Information

For more information on how you can reach either one of the five (5) LTO Nueva Ecija offices, you may check the following list of branches:

Baloc District Office

Agency Code: 0320
Office Address: Purok III Baloc, Sto. Domingo, Nueva Ecija
Head of Agency: Maria Rosalie B. Escuadro, Supervising TRO
Email Address:
Official Facebook Page:
Operating hours: 8AM – 5PM (Mondays to Fridays)

Cabanatuan District Office

Agency Code: 0332
Office Address: Sumacab Este, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija
Head of Agency: Ronald S. Pavon, OIC, Senior TRO
Email Address:
Operating hours: 7AM – 5PM (Mondays to Fridays)

Gapan District Office

Agency Code: 0340
Office Address: San Roque Gapan City, Nueva Ecija
Head of Agency: Adelaida A. Urrutia, OIC, TRO II
Email Address:
Operating hours: 8AM – 5PM (Mondays to Fridays)

Nueva Ecija Licensing Center

Agency Code: 0360
Office Address: Sumacab Este, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija
Head of Agency: Maria Rosario E. Zapanta, Supervising TRO
Email Address:
Official Facebook Page:
Operating hours: 7AM – 5PM (Mondays to Fridays)

San Jose District Office

Agency Code: 0384
Office Address: R. Eugenio St., Brgy. R. Eugenio, San Jose City, Nueva Ecija
Head of Agency: Susan D. Gabriel, Chief TRO
Email Address:
Official Facebook Page:
Operating hours: 8AM – 5PM (Mondays to Fridays)

Video: Visiting the LTO Quezon City Extension Office in Nueva Ecija

Just like any government offices nationwide, the LTO Nueva Ecija offices were created to make the LTO services easier, faster, more affordable, and more accessible to the public, especially to those residing in and around the Nueva Ecija area. 

Join Explore Nueva Ecija as he visits the LTO Cabanatuan City office at its new home near Serenity Garden Chapels and Crematorium, College of Immaculate Conception, New St. Nicholas of Tolentine Cathedral, and the Lakewood City Subdivision: 

Where is Nueva Ecija

Nueva Ecija is a Philippine province in the central section. It is part of the Central Luzon region and is well known as the top producer of rice and some other agricultural products, earning it the moniker as the Rice Granary of the Philippines. It houses Some of the region’s leading educational institutions, hospitals, and poultry farms, as well as numerous heritage sites. In some parts of the province, other specialty products are also of note, including Bongabon (the onion capital of the country), San Jose (well-known for fabrication of sidecars), General Tinio, Carranglan, and Pantabangan (for large deposits of copper and manganese), and Carranglan and Palayan City (for gold deposits). In 2008, the province also became known as the “Milk Capital of the Philippines” because Nueva Ecija gathers more milk from cows and carabaos (water buffaloes) than any other place in the Philippines.

In terms of geography, Nueva Ecija is bordered, clockwise from the northeast, by the provinces of Nueva Vizcaya, Aurora, Bulacan, Pampanga, Tarlac, and Pangasinan.

Google Map Location

Because of its location, Nueva Ecija is easily accessible, either through public and private transport routes. It is easy to get to the area by driving if you bring your vehicle, or by taking the public transport which is readily available in the area.

For information on the different travel routes and driving directions to Nueva Ecija and any of the LTO Offices within, you may simply check the maps below:

Baloc District Office

Cabanatuan District Office

Gapan District Office

Nueva Ecija Licensing Center

San Jose District Office

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