LTMS Portal Account Recovery Fixes

Recovering a lost or forgotten Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) portal account is essential for ensuring seamless access to vital driver’s license-related services and information. It allows users to manage their accounts efficiently and stay updated on any relevant updates or transactions from the Land transportation office (LTO).

If you find yourself unable to tell if you already have an existing LTMS portal account, there is a way to retrieve it. The same is true if you have forgotten your registered email address and/or password or you have lost access to the registered email and can’t remember your nominated password. When that happens, then you can simply follow these steps to regain access quickly and easily.

ltms portal account recovery options

Recovering Your LTMS Account

Losing or forgetting your LTMS portal account means being unable to access your account due to various reasons such as forgetting login credentials, misplacing registration details, changes in personal information and losing access to the old ones you were using, encountering issues during the registration process, or experiencing account lockout due to security measures. It can result in frustration and inconvenience, as it hinders your ability to manage important driver’s license-related information and access digital services provided by the LTMS portal.

Consequently, recovering your LTMS portal account involves regaining access when faced with forgotten login details, registration issues, account lockout, or security concerns. In order to retrieve or recover your account, verifying your identity and providing necessary documentation is necessary to regain access to the LTMS portal and its services.

Who Can Retrieve/Recover LTMS Portal Account

Before you retrieve or recover your LTMS portal account, you need to have an account first. You must be an LTMS portal account owner or an authorized entity, such as LTO Client Care or personnel at LTO offices, before you can get involved in the recovery process to ensure security and legitimacy.


To recover your LTMS portal account, the first step is to gather the necessary documentation:

  • Active Email Address associated with your LTMS account
  • Valid government-issued photo ID with Signatures 
  • Letter of Consent dated today explicitly allowing the LTO Client Care to change or retrieve the LTMS portal account. 

Note: This letter should include the account owner’s name and signature.

  • Current Photo Holding a Valid government-issued photo ID 
  • Contact Information 


To recover your LTMS portal account, follow the following prescribed procedures for a seamless recovery process.

Lost or Forgotten Registration Details/Email Address/LTO Client ID

If you see the message “The driver’s license you have entered has been registered,” when you try to register for an LTMS account, the first thing to do is to try recalling the email address used during registration. If you can’t or you don’t believe you have registered for an LTMS portal account before, then here are the steps for the recovery procedures:

Step 1. Initiate the Process

Initiate account recovery by email, by logging into your active email account.

Step 2. Compose Your Email Request

Compose a clear and concise email to “LTO Client Care”  at <>  addressing your intent to change or retrieve your LTMS portal account password. 

Step 3. Prepare and Attach the Required Documents

Attach the documentary requirements you have prepared in advance and hit the Send button.

Alternative Solution: Visiting the Nearest LTO Office

If you can’t go through the email-based recovery procedures or you are in a hurry to retrieve your account, then you’d want to consider heading to the nearest LTO branch office to secure the help you need in person.

Not only are they manned by people who possess the authority to assist in recovering your LTMS account, they can also help you find or retrieve your LTO client number if you have one and expedite the recovery process so you can gain access to your LTMS portal account.

They may also help you register for a new LTMS portal account in case you don’t have one yet and help you address any lingering issues. Just make sure you have prepared all the necessary documents and that you are able to provide the LTO personnel with the said documents for seamless and immediate assistance.

Lost or Forgotten LTMS Password

If your struggle is with a forgotten password, then head to the LTMS portal website and follow these steps:

Step 1. Visit the LTMS Portal website

To begin the password change or account retrieval process due to a forgotten password on the LTMS portal, navigate to the official LTMS portal website. 

Step 2. Click the “Forgot Password” link.

Click on the “Login” option, and subsequently, select “Forgot Password.”

Step 3. Provide your Registered Email Address or LTO Client ID.


Enter either your registered email address or LTMS Client Number and click “OK” to proceed with the process.

Step 4. Wait for the Instructions


Upon submitting your registered email address or LTMS Client ID, patiently wait for the system-generated email containing instructions and a password reset link.

Step 5. Change Your Password


Upon clicking the password reset link received in your email, you will be redirected to the LTMS portal. Follow the password guidelines provided, input your new password twice, and then click “Set Password for Login.”

Step 6. Confirmation


Upon successfully completing the process, a confirmation of the password change will be displayed. 

Step 7. Retry Logging into Your LTMS Portal Account.

Once you receive the confirmation of successful password change, you can now log in with your new password and use the LTMS portal for whatever LTO-related transactions you wish to complete. 

Verification Email Issues 

If the problem in your LTMS account is that you haven’t received a verification email after creating an LTMS Portal account, then, here’s what you should do:

Step 1. Wait for at least twenty-four (24) hours to receive the verification email and complete the procedure.

Step 2. If after twenty-four (24) hours, you still haven’t received the email confirmation, then check your spam folder. 

Step 3. If you find the email, make sure you complete the verification process within 24 hours. 

Step 4. If  you still did not receive the email and the issue persists, consider reaching out to LTO Client Care through the LTMS portal’s Contact tab. 

Alternative Solution: Creating a New LTMS Portal Account

If you wish to, you may also try creating a new LTMS Portal account again. For the complete procedures in doing so, simply follow the steps listed in this guide on How to Register for an LTMS Portal Account. 

Alternative Solution: Visiting the Nearest LTO Office

Alternatively, you may also physically visit an LTO branch office to verify the registration and ask for your LTO client number. Visiting the nearest branch of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) will expedite the process of solving your registration problem as LTO personnels possess the authority to help you create or recover your LTMS account, provided that you can prove your identity. Plus, they can help you find or retrieve your LTO client number, register for a new LTMS portal account, or process whatever other transaction you may need to complete. They may also address any other lingering issues as long as you can provide them with all the required documents. 

Video: Ways to Recover Your LTMS Portal Account

For a visual guide on how to recover your LTMS portal account, you may check out this video from xxxx


Recovering your LTMS portal account is crucial for accessing essential driver’s license-related services. By following the outlined procedures and providing the necessary documentation, you can swiftly regain access to your account and resume managing your information effectively.

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