How to Add Motor Vehicle to Your LTMS Portal Account

Linking your motor vehicle to your LTMS (Land Transportation Management System) Portal account involves encoding the vehicle’s details such as chassis number, engine number, and MV file number into your profile. Doing so allows you to access all the online services offered by the LTO (Land Transportation Office) including facilitating vehicle registration renewals. It also ensures that your vehicle is digitally connected to your LTMS account, which simplifies the administrative tasks related to your vehicle documentation and enhances overall convenience and compliance with LTO requirements for all LTMS users.

Linking your motor vehicle to your LTMS portal account is necessary because it enables you to access essential services and enjoy the benefits of digitized LTO services. Sure, this process is totally optional, but if your vehicle is not linked to your LTMS portal account, you won’t be able to access the online vehicle registration renewal feature and you may also encounter difficulties or delays when attempting to complete your registration procedures online. You will also need to make in-person visits to the notoriously crowded LTO offices, which may take up a lot of time you would have otherwise spent elsewhere if you had access to the online system. 

how to add vehicle in ltms portal account

Linking Your Motor Vehicle to Your LTMS Portal Account

Understanding the necessity of linking your motor vehicle to your LTMS account is crucial for accessing online LTO services seamlessly. By linking your vehicle, you enable convenient access to essential services like vehicle registration renewal from anywhere. Moreover, this process streamlines documentation and enhances efficiency, ensuring compliance with regulations and timely renewal of your vehicle’s registration. 

Now, not everyone needs to manually submit a request to link their vehicle to their LTMS portal account. You will only need to manually link your vehicle to your LTMS portal account when you can’t find your vehicle under the Vehicles tab or when you encounter the message “My Vehicle is Not Listed” while accessing the vehicle registration module on your LTMS portal account. This indicates that your vehicle’s record is not encoded or linked to your LTMS account, requiring you to take manual steps to add or link your vehicle. Additionally, if you’re unable to access online LTO services such as vehicle registration renewal through the portal, it’s a sign that your vehicle needs to be manually linked to your LTMS account.


How to Link Your Motor Vehicle to Your LTMS Portal Account

When we refer to linking your vehicle to your LTMS portal account, we are talking about the manual process of submitting a request to establish a connection between your vehicle’s record and your LTMS account. This procedure involves providing necessary documentation and information to ensure your vehicle is accurately linked to your account for accessing online LTO services. 


To get started with the procedure, the first thing you need to do is to make sure you have everything you need to complete the procedures. To help you out, here’s a list of the things you will need for this procedure: 

  • Stable and reliable Internet connection
  • A valid email address for LTMS registration purposes (For those without an LTMS account)
  • A registered account on the LTMS portal 
  • Correct and valid login credentials (email address or LTO Client Number and nominated password)
  • Compatible, internet-ready computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Updated and compatible web browser  
  • Registered vehicle due for renewal
  • Vehicle information, including:
    • Chassis No.
    • Engine No.
    • MV File No.

For the documentary requirements, you only need the following: 

  • One (1) clear photocopy of latest OR/CR (for initial renewal in MVIRS only) not for online renewal


To link your motor vehicle to your LTMS Portal account, this is what you need to do:

Step 1. Ensure you have an active internet connection, then launch your web browser and visit the official LTMS portal website.


Step 2. Log in with your existing credentials if you have an account; otherwise, register for a new LTMS portal account, providing the necessary information as guided.


Step 3. Locate and click on the Vehicle Icon.


Step 4. Agree to the LTMS Terms of Use.


Step 5. Choose “Motor Vehicle” from the options available.


Step 6. Input the Chassis No., Engine No., and MV File No.

Step 7. Select “Encode Data” in the application or input and “Encode MV Data.”

Step 8. Scan and upload the required documents.

Step 9. Complete the process by clicking “Finish.”

Step 10. Proceed to select your preferred LTO Office for document pick-up.

Step 11. Continue to the payment section by clicking “Proceed to Payment.”

Step 12. Finalize the transaction by clicking “Finish Transaction.”

Step 13. Confirm your acceptance of the LTMS disclaimer.

Step 14. Save the application confirmation for your records.

Step 15. Await approval and an email notification generated by the system.

Step 16. Visit the nearest LTO Office that manages LTMS transactions.

Step 17. Wait for the Client Service Officer (CSO) to access the internal portal, encode the Transaction Code, and validate and approve the uploaded requirements.

Step 18. Upon approval, allow the CSO to capture and verify your biometrics.

Step 19. Proceed to the Registration Record Window and await the CSO’s input of the issue date, validity period, and creation of the LTMS MV or MC record.

Step 20. Check your LTMS registered email for the system-generated email confirming the completion of your application. 

By following the steps listed above, you can successfully link your vehicle to your LTMS portal account, enabling seamless access to LTO digital services such as vehicle registration renewal through the LTMS portal.


Adding or linking vehicles to your LTMS account is free of charge, but there may be auxiliary expenses for preparing requirements. Note that you may also need to spend more in case you wish to do other transactions at the same time. 

Processing Time

The processing time for linking your motor vehicle to your LTMS portal account may vary, but it typically takes approximately one (1) hour, depending on crowd, requirements, or Internet speed. Just make sure you have the complete requirements with you to avoid unnecessary delays.

Video: How to Link Your Motor Vehicle to Your LTO Portal Account

For more information or if you need a visual demonstration on how to link your vehicle to your LTMS portal account, you may watch this video tutorial from Responsible and Law-Abiding Driver: 


Linking your vehicle to the LTMS portal streamlines the online renewal process. With an active LTMS account and the guide above, you can easily complete the process of linking your motor vehicle to your LTMS portal account. By completing this process, you are giving yourself the opportunity to enjoy better access to all the LTO digital services involving your vehicle, particularly the newly launched vehicle registration renewal through the LTMS portal.

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