LTO Alaminos City (Pangasinan) Office Location and Contact Information

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) in Alaminos City in the province of Pangasinan is made up of a lone LTO office: the LTO Alaminos District Office. Just like the other LTO offices, the LTO Alaminos District Office (DO) was opened with one purpose: To help the agency become more visible, so the transacting public, particularly the drivers and the car owners, will have easier access to more convenient public service. 

Some of the services offered by the LTO Alaminos City District Office include implementing regulatory policies over drivers and vehicles to help reduce vehicular accidents on public roads. It was also meant to help the LTO carry out their core programs and services so they can be more efficiently offered to the over 99,000 people residing in the city known as the home to the country’s first ever national park, the Hundred Islands National Park. To learn more about how LTO Alaminos District Office can serve you better, keep reading this guide.

lto Alaminos City Pangasinan office location and contact number

What is LTO Alaminos City? 

LTO Alaminos City refers to the lone LTO branch in Alaminos City in Pangasinan: the LTO Alaminos District Office. This district office is no different from the rest of the LTO offices in the Philippines, as it was also opened to serve as the operating arm of the agency in Alaminos City. It was meant to oversee and ensure that the core LTO programs and services—including the inspection and registration of motor vehicles (MV) to the issuance of license and permits, implementation of LTO rules and regulating policies, and collection of fees, fines, and penalties—are easily available and much closer to the people of the city who work behind the wheels. 

Located on Tanaytay in Alaminos City, this office is in a prime spot, sitting right at the city center, near the city hall, and facing Plaza Ochave, one of the popular parks in the city. It is right next to the city’s negosyo center, too, and is in close proximity to government offices and food and other business establishments in the city. Die to its great location, the Alaminos District Office can be said to be in a great position to offer impeccable public service on behalf of the LTO, as it is right where most of its target patrons should be, eliminating the need for the people to travel elsewhere for their LTO-related needs. So, if you are registering or renewing your license, or if you have any motor vehicle registration or renewal concerns or inquiries, and you are in the vicinity of Alaminos City in Pangasinan, then this is the place to go. 

Services Provided by LTO Alaminos City District Office 

Whatever reason made you go all the way to the LTO Alaminos City office in Pangasinan, you can be assured that the LTO office is just as clean, safe, and convenient as the other LTO offices in the country. Just like the others, this LTO branch also implements strict policies on sanitation and physical distancing, as well as in regulating the drivers and vehicles that will be allowed on public roads. Though it was made to make the LTO processes more convenient for the drivers and vehicle owners in the city, this LTO office is still primarily a regulatory office out to ensure the safety of people on the road by allowing only roadworthy drivers and vehicles on it.  For more information on the LTO-related services you can avail, then here’s a complete list of LTO services for you.

  • License And Permit
    • Student Permit
    • New Driver’s License (Non-Professional)
    • Conductor’s License
    • Plain or Advance Renewal of Driver’s/Conductor’s License and Renewal of Driver’s License of Filipino Living Abroad
    • Miscellaneous License Transactions
    • Renewal of Driver’s / Conductor’s License with Examination [Expired for more than two (2) years] and/or with ten (10) or more but less than forty (40) Demerit Points
    • Change Classification from Non-Professional Driver’s License (NPDL)  Code to Professional Driver’s License Code with Same Driver’s License (PDL) Code
    • Additional Driver’s License Code/s
    • Conversion of Foreign Driver’s License to Philippine Driver’s License Including Renewal of Expired Philippine Driver’s License with a Valid Foreign Driver’s License
    • Change Classification from Professional Driver’s License (PDL) Code to Non-Professional Driver’s License Code (NPDL), Dropping of DL Code and Change Clutch Type
    • Request for System Updates (RSU) for Double License
    • Request for System Update (RSU) for License and Customer Details/Misrepresentation of Age/Identity
    • Accreditation of Medical Clinics – New
    • Accreditation of Medical Clinics – Renewal
    • Registration of Physicians – New
    • Registration of Physicians – Renewal
    • Accreditation of Driving School / Driving Enhancement Program Training Center – New
    • Accreditation of Driving School / Driving Enhancement Program Training Center – Renewal
    • Accreditation of Driving Instructor – New
    • Accreditation of Driving Instructor – Renewal
    • Examination for Driving School Instructors
    • Driving Enhancement Program (DEP)
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Miscellaneous Transactions
    • Duplicate OR/CR
    • Duplicate Plate
    • Transfer of Ownership
    • Annotation & Cancellation of Mortgage
    • Revision of Records
    • Duplicate License (for Lost Licenses)
  • Insurance
  • Proper Driver Education
    • Theoretical Driving Course (TDC) and exam
    • Comprehensive Driver’s Exam (CDE)
    • Practical Driving Course (PDC) and exam
  • Law Enforcement
    • Settlement of Admitted Apprehension
    • Adjudication of Contested Apprehension
    • Encoding of Alarm
    • Filing of Complaint and Lifting of Alarm
    • Lifting of Alarm (Traffic Adjudication Service)
    • Certification of No Pending Apprehension and Alarm
  • Collection of fees from law enforcement violations
  • Drug testing
  • Emission testing
  • Inventory of Plates
  • The use of self-service kiosks 
  • Process Application for New Driver’s License (DL) via the Automated Driver’s License Examination System (ADLES) Facility 

Note that though all LTO offices are expected to offer the full range of LTO services to the public, some LTO offices may have limited facilities, so it’s best to check first if the service you need is offered at the LTO Alaminos City District Office before you visit.

How to Contact LTO Alaminos City

Reaching out to the LTO Alaminos City District Office is just like reaching out to the other LTO offices nationwide. It can be done directly through the LTO Alaminos district office or via the LTO Ilocos Region (Region 1) regional office. It can be done either via their phone numbers, email addresses, or social media accounts. For the complete contact information of the LTO Ilocos Region office, please check the following:

Land Transportation Office Region 1 – Office of the Regional Director

Agency Code: 0100
Office Address: Aguila Road, City of San Fernando, La Union
Telephone Number: 072-6074108
Head of Agency: Ms. Kathleen Deanna G. Salayog
Email Address:
Operating Hours: 8AM – 5PM (Mondays-Fridays)

Contact Information

To reach out to the specific LTO Mandaue City Offices, please see this list of contact information below:

LTO Alaminos District Office

Agency Code: 0108
Office Address: Tanaytay, Alaminos City, Pangasinan
Telephone Number: 075-6332559
Head of Agency: Ms. Cathrayn C. Alañon
Email Address:
Operating Hours: 8AM – 5PM (Mondays-Fridays)

Where is Alaminos City

Alaminos, officially known as the City of Alaminos, is a fourth class component city in the province of Pangasinan, and is the known home of the famed Hundred Islands National Park, the first ever Philippine national park composed of 124 islands off the coast of Barangay Lucap. Alaminos City was originally a part of Bolinao, before ot became an independent town. In 2001, by virtue of Republic Act 9025, An Act Converting the Municipality of Alaminos, Province of Pangasinan into a Component City to be known as the City of Alaminos, it became the city that it is now, housing one of the province’s centers of commerce, finance, education, industry and services.

Geographically, the city of Alaminos in Pangasinan is in a flat plain located in the western part of the province of Pangasinan. It is bounded on the north by the famous Hundred Islands and the historic Lingayen Gulf, on the west by the town of Bani, on the south by the Municipality of Mabini, and on the east by the town of Sual. Originally, it was supposed to house a commercial airport, but the airport project is yet to be completed. 

Google Map Location

Alaminos City in Pangasinan is quite accessible. If you are taking the public transport, you can simply take the Victory Liner buses from Manila, or the Dagupan Bus, a local service. If you are driving a private car, however, you can simply check the map below for the complete driving directions or specific travel routes to the City of alaminos in Pangasinan.

LTO Alaminos District Office

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