Guide to Online Philippine Driver’s License Renewal for OFWs Abroad

Renewing your Philippine driver’s license online as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) is now simpler than ever with the Land Transport Management System (LTMS) portal. With just a few clicks, OFWs can conveniently renew their licenses from anywhere in the world, eliminating the need to immediately travel back to the Philippines.

The renewal of driver’s license (DL) for OFWs via the LTMS portal offers unparalleled convenience, allowing individuals to complete the renewal process without the immediate need for time-consuming visits, bureaucratic procedures and lengthy queues at physical Land Transportation Office (LTO) branches. With just a stable internet connection, provides 24/7 accessibility, enabling OFWs to manage their license renewal from anywhere in the world—the perfect digital solution for OFWs and Filipinos residing abroad who wish to maintain their driver’s licenses up-to-date. 

how to renew philippine drivers license online for ofws abroad

Driver’s License Renewal for OFWs and Filipinos Living Abroad

The Philippine driver’s license renewal refers to the process of renewing a driver’s license in the country. It generally involves extending the validity period of an existing driver’s license to continue legally operating a motor vehicle without having to take the theoretical and practical driving exams (except in some cases) again. The renewal process typically includes meeting certain eligibility criteria, submitting required documents, and paying applicable fees. It can be done either in person at designated LTO branches or online through the LTMS portal, providing convenience for drivers across the country.

Just like the other drivers in the country, DL holders who are OFWs as well as those Filipinos who are living abroad are obligated to renew their license on or before it expires. Failure to do so would entail fines and penalties, especially when they get caught driving with an expired license in the country. In the past, OFWs can send representatives, but now, the LTO also offers online renewal procedures so they can do so no matter where they are in the world and without the pressing need to visit a physical LTO branch. 

Renewal Requirements

To renew their driver’s license online via the LTMS portal, OFWs and Filipinos residing abroad must ensure that they satisfy the following requirements in terms of eligibility and documents: 

Eligibility Criteria

OFWs and Filipinos residing abroad are eligible to renew their driver’s license and operate a motor vehicle if they meet the following qualifications:

  • Must be a holder of Driver’s License not expired for more than two (2) years including advance renewal for those who intend to leave the country within one (1) year before expiry date
  • Must be physically and mentally fit to operate a motor vehicle
  • Must not have unsettled traffic violation
  • Must have completed the Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) and secured the CDE Certificate of Completion (COC) prior to initial renewal of the five (5) years DL
  • For DL holders with accumulated five (5) to nine (9) demerit points must have completed the Driver’s Reorientation Course and its examination
  • For DL holders with ten (10) or more but less than forty (40) demerit points, must have passed both the Driver’s Reorientation Course and its examination, and the automated Theoretical Examination

Note: For OFWs and Filipinos residing abroad for over two years, renewing their license is necessary. Licenses expired for more than two years (but less than ten) can still be renewed, but applicants must retake both theoretical and practical driving exams. However, if the license has been expired for a decade or more, renewal is not possible, and applicants must begin anew by applying for a student permit.

Documentary Requirements

OFWs and Filipinos living abroad who wish to renew their driver’s license online via the LTMS portal must prepare documentary requirements, which includes:

  • Duly accomplished Application for Permits and Licenses (APL) Form
  • Presentation of one (1) photocopy of passport (first page, visa page and departure from the Philippines and latest arrival overseas)
  • Presentation of original Letter of Authority of authorized representative
  • The licensee shall present himself/herself within 30 days upon arrival to the same office where the renewal was made for photo-taking and submit the following:
    • Electronically transmitted medical certificate from LTO accredited medical clinic. Submission of one (1) photocopy and presentation of original medical certificate
    • Presentation of original and submission of one (1) photocopy of passport (first and arrival pages)
    • Presentation of original Official Receipt (OR) which serves as temporary DL
    • Electronically Transmitted Certificate of Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) for the initial renewal of DL with five (5) years validity
    • Certificate of Completion of Driver’s Reorientation Course for applicants with five (5) to nine (9) and ten (10) or more but less than forty (40) demerit points

Renewal Procedures

For OFWs and Filipinos living abroad, online renewal procedures involve a few simple steps. It is done via the LTMS portal, and can be completed by following the steps listed here:

Step 1. Online Application for DL Renewal

  • Access the LTMS portal with a stable internet connection.
  • Log in or register for an LTMS portal account.
  • Click the Licensing icon to navigate to the Licensing section.
  • Read and accept the Terms of Use. 
  • Click on the type of license (Driver’s License) that you have, then click Next.
  • Choose your transaction. In this case, you need to choose “Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) Driver’s License Renewal” then click Next.
  • Enter your Medical Certificate Number.
  • Follow the prompts, fill out the necessary details, upload documents, and choose an appointment.
  • Review the application details and ensure that all the information is accurate.
  • Choose your preferred payment channel and submit the application.

Step 2. Payment and Confirmation

  • Wait for the application confirmation to be sent to your registered email address. 
  • Proceed to the selected payment channel and complete the transaction. 
  • Pay the application and license fees and wait for the Official Receipt to be received via email. 

Note: The OR will serve as the temporary driver’s license until the OFW or the Filipino living abroad returns to the country. 

Step 3. Upon Return to the Philippines

  • Visit the designated LTO branch within 30 days upon your return.
  • Get a queue number, and wait for your turn at the Client Service Officer (CSO) window.
  • Provide the OR and complete renewal requirements including the electronically transmitted medical certificate from an LTO-accredited medical clinic.
  • Undergo photo-taking and biometric capturing.
  • Collect the updated permit/driver’s license.
  • Sign in the log sheet and get ready to leave with your new license card.

Fees and Penalties

Renewing the driver’s license for OFWs and Filipinos living abroad incurs the same fees as standard or advance renewal for LTO driver’s licenses. To prepare, here’s a breakdown of the fees you need to be aware of:

Plain Renewal

  • Application fee – P 100.00
  • License Fee – P 585.00

Total – P 685.00

Renewal of One (1) Day to One(1) Year Expired DL

  • Application fee – P 100.00
  • License Fee – P 585.00
  • Penalty – P 75.00

Total – P 760.00

Renewal of More than One (1) Year to Two (2) Years Expired DL

  • Application fee – P 100.00
  • License Fee – P 585.00
  • Penalty – P 150.00

Total – P 835.00

Renewal of DL Expired for More than Two (2) Years

  • Application fee – P 100.00
  • License Fee – P 585.00
  • Penalty – P 225.00
  • Application Fee – P 100.00

Total – P 1010.00

Other Fees

  • Change Classification fee = P 100.00
  • Additional Restriction Code (ARC) = P 100.00

Processing Time 

The processing time, excluding the time for preparing and submitting requirements and the licensee’s time at the LTO office, typically takes about one hour and fifteen minutes. However, this duration may vary, particularly if additional transactions such as record revisions, classification changes, or adding DL codes are involved alongside the renewal.

Video: How to Renew Driver’s License for OFWs or Filipinos Living Abroad

For a visual tutorial on how to renew your Philippine driver’s license if you are an OFW or a Filipino living abroad, watch [this video] by Kuyas ea.


Renewing your Philippine driver’s license online as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) or Filipino living abroad has never been more convenient, thanks to the LTMS portal. With just a stable internet connection, you can complete the renewal process from anywhere in the world, eliminating the need for time-consuming and urgent visits to the LTO branches while ensuring that your license remains valid and up-to-date no matter where you are.

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