How to Complete Advance Renewal of Your Driver’s License Online

Advance renewal of driver’s license online is just one of the many features of the Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) Portal. It is a lot like the advance renewal service offered by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) in their physical office branches, only more convenient and efficient as it is literally available for everyone anytime, anywhere. 

Advance renewal is not a feature available to everyone. It is available to licensed drivers and conductors, but only if they have a good reason to renew their licenses earlier than the standard 60 day period prior to expiry. Usually, advance renewal is granted to licensees who expect to be out of the country by the time their license expires, hence the need to renew early and avoid penalties for late renewal. If you ever find yourself in the same situation, then you will find this guide to advance renewal of license online quite useful.

advance renewal of lto driver's license online

What is Driver’s License Renewal?

Driver’s license renewal refers to the process of extending the validity period of a driver’s license at most 60 days prior to its expiry date. Traditionally, renewal occurs around one’s birthday, a narrow timeframe posing planning challenges During renewal, drivers typically update their personal information, undergo any required tests or assessments, and pay the necessary fees to obtain a new license with an extended expiry date. Renewal ensures that drivers continue to meet legal requirements and remain authorized to operate vehicles on public roads.

Advance Renewal of LTO Driver’s License

Advance renewal of an LTO driver’s license allows individuals to renew their licenses before the expiry date, typically from 61 days up to a year in advance. This option provides added flexibility for applicants, particularly those who anticipate being out of the country when their license expires. By completing the renewal process ahead of time, individuals can avoid potential penalties and violations and ensure they remain legally authorized to operate vehicles even if they are overseas during the renewal period.

Unlike before, renewing your driver’s license ahead of time is now available online 24/7 through the LTMS portal, allowing the public to plan their license renewal more effectively, while still accommodating their schedules and commitments. It is especially helpful if the license holder has weekday commitments and does not have a lot of time to queue at the LTO office but will be abroad when their license expires. This process resembles the standard renewal but without the need to retake the LTO theoretical examination, making the renewal process significantly more flexible and easier for the licensee, especially in terms of time, expenditures, and effort.


Before initiating the advance renewal procedures, make you meet the following eligibility requirements set by the LTO:

  • Holder of Driver’s License not expired for more than two (2) years, including advance renewal for those leaving the country within one (1) year before expiry date
  • Physically and mentally fit to operate a motor vehicle
  • No unsettled traffic violation
  • Completion of the Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) before the initial renewal of the five (5) years DL
  • Completion of the Driver’s Reorientation Course and examination for DL holders with accumulated demerit points


Once you confirm your eligibility for advance renewal of LTO driver’s license, prepare the following documents:


Once you’ve gathered all the prerequisites for advance renewal, you can initiate the online advance renewal procedures for your driver’s license through the LTMS portal. Here’s a step-by-step guide tailored for individuals navigating the advance renewal process:

Step 1. Ensure access to a computing device with a stable internet connection and a compatible web browser.

Step 2. Navigate to the official LTMS portal website, either by searching “LTMS LTO” or directly visiting

Step 3. Upon arrival at the LTMS portal website, you’ll have the option to log in or register. If new to LTMS, click “Register” to create an account, providing personal details. For existing users, simply log in.

Step 4. For new registrants, verify your account via the email link sent by LTO after registration. Skip this step if you’re already registered.

Step 5. Once verified, you will be directed to the LTMS portal login page.

Step 6. Log in using your registered email address and password, then check your Dashboard.

Step 7. Select “Licensing” in the LTMS dashboard.

Step 8. Accept the Terms of Use.

Step 9. Complete the Online Application form, selecting “Driver’s License” as the License Classification. Add your Medical Certificate.

Step 10. Choose “Renewal” as the application type, then proceed.

Step 11. Follow prompts to complete the procedure, including scheduling your appointment and selecting the LTO Office.

Step 12. Await application confirmation and proceed to payment.

Step 13. Pay renewal fees via your preferred payment channel and await the Official Receipt via email.

Step 14. On the appointment date, visit the selected LTO branch with proof of payment.

Step 15. Obtain a queue number and await processing.

Step 16. Proceed to the CSO window for biometric capturing when called.

Step 17. Wait for payment of the DL card in the designated area.

Step 18. Receive the Official Receipt.

Step 19. Present the OR to collect your new driver’s license.

Step 20. Sign the log sheet and claim your new DL card.

Remember to consider your DL’s expiry date and travel plans, renewing early if necessary to avoid penalties.


For advance renewal, the only fee you need to worry about is the license fee amounting to PHP 585.00. If other transactions are involved, the costs may vary.

Processing Time

The entire procedure will take approximately thirty (30) minutes, provided that all required documents are submitted. If other transactions are involved, the processing time, just like the costs may vary.


The advance renewal of a driver’s license online through the LTMS portal offers enhanced flexibility and convenience, akin to the traditional renewal service offered by the LTO branches, but with the added benefit of accessibility anytime, anywhere, thanks to the development of the online platform. This streamlined process accommodates license holders with weekday commitments who are planning to be abroad during their license’s expiration, ultimately ensuring a smoother and more efficient renewal experience while saving them the troubles from late renewals and penalties.

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