How to Register as an LTO-Accredited Physician

In January to February 2019, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) all over the Philippines started to only work with accredited physicians and clinics regarding the processing of medical certificates—one of the most important documentary requirements necessary when applying for or renewing an LTO driver’s license in the country. 

When the LTO made restrictions to the processing of medical certificates, they created a system where only the medical certificates transmitted electronically by accredited physicians in LTO-accredited medical clinics will be valid. Do note, however, that even when the clinic is LTO-accredited, not all employed doctors automatically become accredited physicians. Instead, they would need to secure accreditation individually, and the process of doing so is detailed in this guide. 

how to register as lto accredited physician

What is an LTO-Accredited Physician?

An LTO-accredited physician refers to doctors who have received the stamp of approval and trust of the LTO. These physicians are in-charge of running physical and mental examinations and evaluation on aspiring drivers to ensure that they are worthy of being given the power to drive motor vehicles on public roads.

LTO-accredited doctors usually work in LTO-accredited medical clinics. Even when the clinic is LTO-accredited, its doctors would first need to secure accreditation by applying for it on their own. The procedures for registration as an LTO-accredited physician is a short one, with minimal requirements and procedures, but it isn’t free. It comes with a registration fee amounting to P3,000.00 and requires applicants to personally appear at the LTO regional office closest to them for biometrics encoding.

Eligibility for LTO Physicians Registration

All qualified private and government physicians who bear a PRC license are eligible for LTO Philippines Physicians Registration.

Requirements for LTO Physicians Registration

Before initiating the request for registration as an LTO-accredited doctor, one must first prepare the following documentary requirements:

General Requirements For Private and Government Physicians Registration in LTO Philippines

  • Duly accomplished application form, endorsed by the owner of the clinic or head of the government health facility / agency or the authorized representative
  • Two (2) pieces of 2×2 photo with name tag (taken within the last three months prior to the date of application for registration
  • One (1) Certified true copy of Certificate of Registration duly issued by the Board of Medical Examiners or proof of application pending the release of Certificate
  • Original copy of the Certificate of Membership and good standing from the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) or its component society
  • Presentation of Original and submission of one (1) photocopy of the valid Professional Regulation Commission license card
  • Presentation of Original and submission of one (1) photocopy of any of the following valid government issued identification card (other than PRC) with photo and signature
    • Philippine Identification (PhilID) Card
    • Philippine passport
    • Social Security System (SSS) Card, 
    • UMID Card
    • PhilHealth ID
    • TIN Card
    • Postal ID
    • Voter’s ID
    • Barangay ID
    • OFW ID
    • Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) ID
    • National Council of Disabled Affairs (NCDA) ID
    • Solo Parent ID
    • Voter’s Certification
    • Government Services and Insurance System (GSIS) e-Card
    • Seaman’s Book
    • Government Owned and/or Controlled Corporations (GOCC) ID, 
    • Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) or Pag-IBIG ID
    • Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Certification, 
    • Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) ID
  • Presentation of Original and submission of one (1) photocopy of Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN) card or any document indicating the TIN (must bring original copy to be presented)

Additional Requirements of LTO Physicians Registration

Depending on whether the physician work in private or public hospital, here are some additional registration documents:

For Private Physicians

  • Presentation of Original and submission of one (1) photocopy of current Professional Tax Receipt (PTR) (Original copy to be presented)

For Government Physicians

  • One (1) Certified true copy of approved appointment or Certificate of Employment issued by the agency
  • Original copy of the Authority to Engage in the Private Practice of Profession approved by the Head of Agency where he/she is employed (for government physicians who desire to engage in private practice)

Procedures for Registration as an LTO-Accredited Physician

For registration as an LTO-accredited physician, a licensed doctor, regardless of whether he works in private or government hospital, must follow these registration procedures:

Step 1: Visit the LTO Regional Office where the medical clinic is accredited.

Step 2: Proceed to the Assessment and Compliance Monitoring Team (ACMT) Counter and secure the application form for the registration of physicians.

Step 3: Submit the documentary requirements to the designated officer at the ACMT Secretariat in the LTO Regional Office for completeness and verification through the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) website.

Step 4: Once the documents are evaluated and verified by the designated personnel from the ACMT Secretariat Regional Office, you will be called in for an interview with the ACMT Members/Chairperson for a personal assessment.

Step 5: Upon passing the interview, wait for your turn at the encoding window. You will be required to have a digital photograph and biometric fingerprint scan for encoding.

Step 6: Wait for the issuance of your Pay Order Slip (POS).

Step 7: Once you receive the POS, proceed to the cashier for the payment of fees.

Step 8: Once paid, wait for the OR to be issued.

Step 9: Once your OR is released, proceed to the Releasing window and present your OR.

Step 10: Wait for the Certificate of Registration to be released.

Once you have secured a Certificate of Registration, you may already offer your medical services to drivers and aspiring drivers who are looking to get a physical and medical assessment for their LTO medical certificate.


To get registered as an LTO-accredited physician, you must be prepared to pay for the Registration Fee amounting to P3,000.00. 

Where to Register

To process an application for registration as an LTO-accredited doctor, you will need to visit the LTO Regional Office closest to your place of residence.

Processing Time

The application for registration as an LTO-accredited doctor usually takes at least one (1) day, one (1) hour, and forty-five (45) minutes. 

Note that the estimated processing time stated herein includes waiting time and this only starts upon the submission of complete requirements.

Important Reminder

For your reference, here are some important things you need to remember as you register as an LTO-accredited physician:

  • One can apply for registration as an LTO-accredited physician at the LTO Regional office where the medical clinic was accredited.
  • Accredited doctors who issue medical certificates to driver’s license applicants without any physical examination may face suspension or permanent closure when caught.
  • The accreditation for doctors at the LTO is not free. 
  • Registration as an accredited doctor is an important procedure at the LTO as they offer services that are part of the process for securing driver’s licenses or motor vehicle registration.
  • As the LTO transitioned to a digitized agency, the transmittal of medical certificates has changed and the LTO now only accepts electronically transmitted ones via the Land Transport Management System (LTMS) portal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To help make the registration procedures as painless as possible, here are some common questions and answers related to registration an an LTO-accredited physician:

1. Can I register as an LTO-accredited physician from any LTO office? 

No. You cannot just visit any LTO office. You will need to go to the LTO Regional Office where the medical clinic you work for is accredited before you can process a registration as an LTO-accredited doctor. 

2. How much does it cost to register as an LTO-accredited doctor?

Registration as an LTO-accredited physician doesn’t require too much, only the registration fee which amounts to a total of P3,000.00. 

3. Why do doctors need to register to become accredited by the LTO? 

The LTO gives utmost importance to all the processes involved in the issuance of a driver’s license. As LTO-accredited doctors offer services that are part of the process for securing driver’s licenses or motor vehicle registration, then the agency needs to check if you fit the bill and are worthy of deciding whether another person is roadworthy or not, at least in terms of physical and medical conditions. 

4. Is it possible to get the medical certificate without getting a physical exam if I go to an LTO-accredited doctor?

No. It is illegal for LTO-accredited doctors to issue a medical certificate without doing a physical and medical exam. When caught, an LTO-accredited physician may face suspension while the clinic may face permanent closure.

5. Can I register as an LTO-accredited doctor if I work in a private clinic/hospital?

Yes. Regardless of whether one works in a private or in a government hospital, so long as you are a licensed physician, you may apply for registration at the LTO regional office near you.


The registration procedures to become an LTO-accredited physician may not be of interest to the general public, but it is an important procedure that everyone must be aware of in order to understand how much importance the bureau places on these things. It proves that the agency cares enough to ensure that the services they offer are done by professionals and that they pay attention to details to ensure that every driver is deemed roadworthy before being allowed to drive on public roads. Plus, the service isn’t free so it may deter those who aren’t serious in offering their professional expertise properly. 

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