LTO Revision of Records: Change Name After Marriage or Annulment

Legally going through name change after marriage and having it reflect on identity documents like the LTO driver’s license is an important part of getting married or getting annulled, separated, or divorced. It is, in fact, a subtle way of informing everyone about the apparent change in their marital status. However, unlike in the olden times, doing so is no longer mandatory. It has, in fact, become optional for a woman who recently got married to get her last name on official documents changed to her husband’s. Nevertheless, thanks to the cultural influences, many people still prefer not to keep their maiden name and to use their husband’s name instead.

However, the process of changing names after getting married can seem like a lot of work. It’s really not! In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through the entire process of changing names at the Land Transportation Office (LTO), from the requirements, to the different rules, guidelines, and fees related to changing the name on your driver’s license. This article is relevant to any Filipino who wishes to change the name on their driver’s license after getting married, annulled, or legally separated.

lto revision of records change name after marriage or annulment

LTO Revision of Records: Changing Name After Marriage or Annulment

Changing your name after marriage or divorce is usually a simple process. It’s no longer automatic like it used to be in the old times, but making the change after you get married or after you get divorce remains something doable. 

There are several ways of changing your name in your LTO records. Some are simple changes while others may require a court order and a personal appearance. These changes can either be completely changing your name to your spouse’s last name or using a hyphenated version of your last name and your husband’s last name after marriage. Other name change requests include reverting to your old last name after divorce, annulment, or legal separation.  

Eligibility for Name Change at LTO

But who can make a request to change or update LTO records with a new (last) name? Well, anybody who owns a registered Driver’s License (DL) who recently got married, annulled, or legally separated can put in a request to do so as long as she intends to update his Driver’s License Record with LTO

Like every other DL holder though, the applicant also needs to satisfy the following conditions:

  • Able to read and write in Filipino, English, or any major dialect
  • Holder of Valid DL or a DL that has not renewed two (2) years after the expiry date
  • Driver’s License or Appropriate Affidavit if DL is Lost or Mutilated
  • Has no unsettled traffic violation

Benefits of Name Change in LTO 

Some of the benefits associated with record change for names after marriage or annulment, include:

  • The ability to use a driver’s license to drive freely without worrying about getting caught with or accused of using a DL with a “faked” name.
  • A valid driver’s license can serve as a useful government-issued photo ID that is valid almost anywhere in the Philippines.
  • It can serve as your proof of change in marital status, whenever and wherever necessary.
  • As it also usually comes with change in marital status, the updated driver’s license can serve as subtle proof of your personal relationship status which affects other things like your motor vehicle insurance premium.

Requirements for LTO Revision of Records: Change Name

The requirements for making a record change for your (last) name with LTO requires submission of the following documents:

  • Properly Accomplished Application for Driver’s License
  • Current or Expired License
  • Proof of change in marital status
    • Court Order Authorizing name change
    • Marriage Certificate
  • PSA Birth Certificate

If the applicant is a Muslim:

  • Affidavit of at least two (2) disinterested individuals 
  • Certification from OMA (Office of the Muslim Affairs).

Procedures for LTO Revision of Records: Incorrect Birth Date

Getting your name changed after getting married is simple. All you need to do is show your marriage certificate to request the change. Reverting to your maiden name after annulment, divorce, or legal separation, however, requires other documents like a court order authorizing the name change. Once you have these documents, you can change your name on your driver’s license. Once you do, you can use that to change your name elsewhere. This procedure can be done in person, via any LTO offices in the Philippines, or online, via the Land Transport Management System (LTMS) online services portal. 

Here’s how to do so:

In-Person, via the LTO office

To initiate the request to revise or update your incorrect birth date on LTO records, you may simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Before you actually go for an LTO visit, you need to first prepare the documentary requirements for the information you wish to revise under your current LTO driver’s license. 

Step 2: Once the documents are prepared, you will then need to submit them for evaluation and wait for the transaction ID to be generated by the system so you can present it for verification and confirmation of the details.

Step 3: The Evaluator will then check the authenticity and completeness of the documents, then proceed with processing the replacement ID.

Step 4: You will need to get your photo and signature taken for the records.

Step 5: Then, you will be sent to make the payment amounting to P30.00 (regardless of the number of fields revised) at the cashier.

Step 6: Once payment has been processed, you will just need to wait for the new driver’s license reflecting the correct information to be released.

Online, via the LTMS portal

To update your Driver’s License record via the LTMS portal, here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Go to the Land Transport Management System (LTMS) portal at

Step 2: Log in or register for an LTMS account.

If the applicant is a new user:

  • Click the “Register Now” button.
  • Read all the terms and conditions and click the “Yes I accept” button. Then, enter the captcha code and finally click the “Next” button.
  • Select the registration type and click the “Next” button.
  • Fill in the personal details, contact number, citizenship, and type of license and click the “Submit” button.
  • The verification link is sent to the given email ID, using the link the applicant has to create the password.

If the applicant has an existing account:

  • Go to the login page and enter the email and password.
  • Click the “Sign in” button.

Step 3: Once logged in, the applicant has to select “Licensing.”

Step 4: Click “Accept” to accept the Terms of Use. 

Step 5: Select the type of license that you hold: Student Permit, Non-Professional Driver’s License, or Professional Driver’s License.

Step 6: Click Next. 

Step 7: Select Revision of Records, then click Next.

Step 8: Choose the type of records you wish to revise: Personal, Address, or Citizenship. For those who intend to change their names, choose Personal.

Step 9: Click Next.

Step 10: Make the change in the name field, then click Next.

Step 11: Upload one of the required documents (PSA Birth Certificate or Marriage Certificate or both) by clicking the Upload icon, selecting the file to upload, and clicking Save. Make sure the file doesn’t exceed the allowed maximum file size of 2046 kb. 

Step 12: Once done, click Next.

Step 13: Key in the License Number and Expiry date.

Step 14: Click Next.

Step 15: Continue with the rest of the procedures. 

Step 16: Once the application is completed and submitted, the concerned authority will check the submitted application and document set. If everything is in place, the application will be accepted.

Step 17: The application will then be processed further. All the status updates will be sent via SMS to the applicant’s mobile number or can be seen via the LTMS portal upon login.

Step 18: Once the process is completed, the applicant gets a call from the LTO for instructions on how to complete the transaction.

Step 19: If required, the applicant need to visit the office for the biometric/encoding process.

Step 20: You might need to wait for a while to get the updated permit from the office.

Important Reminders

For your reference, here are some useful tips that you need to remember when requesting for name changes. This ensures that your records are updated with your married name and the names of your beneficiaries on record at the LTO:

  • It is important for all driver’s license holders to ensure that their ID cards have the correct and updated names and/or other biographical information. 
  • Once you’ve uploaded a document via the LTMS portal, succeeding transactions will no longer require you to do so again. 
  • Drivers who are interested in making requests for record changes should ensure that he has no pending cases before the department. 
  • Drivers with pending cases of violations need to settle those first or his application for record change may not be approved.
  • This entire process can be completed within 30 days or as per the timeline advised by the respective department authority.
  • For your name to be revised after marriage or annulment or separation proceedings, the request for updating or revision of LTO records may be done online, via the LTMS portal, or in person, at an LTO branch office.
  • If said applicant is a Muslim, it is necessary to secure an affidavit of at least two (2) disinterested individuals and a certification from OMA (Office of the Muslim Affairs).
  • You will need to prepare enough funds for the payments of LTO fees and other incidental expenses.

Video: How to Request for Revision of Records from LTO and Change their Names  

Learn more about the actual procedures on how to change the name and your marital status on your driver’s license and how to request for an LTO Revision of Records by watching this video from Cess DDay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For your reference, here are some of the most common questions and answers regarding the LTO Revision of Records for name change after marriage, annulment, or legal separation: 

1. Can I make the request to change my name on my LTO Driver’s License online?

Yes. You may initiate the request online via the LTMS portal. It’s a simple change and you will need to submit either a PSA Birth Certificate, a Marriage Contract, or a court order in order to do so.

2. Can I request the name change for my LTO records when I renew my driver’s license?

Yes. You may process the revision request upon renewal. You may also process them at the same time. The fees will vary though depending on the license type and the other LTO transactions you wish to do along with it. 

3. How much does the revision request for name change cost?

All revision of records, regardless of type, if requested at LTO costs P30.00. Other additional LTO transactions you may want to do along with it may entail additional fees and requirements.


An LTO driver’s license is, perhaps, one of the most credible and widely accepted identity documents in the Philippines. As such, it is imperative to keep it as updated as possible whenever there’s any change in your biographical information reflected in the ID. This is where name change plays a role. Not only does it back up the change in your marital status, but a name change also subtly announces this change, whenever and wherever a valid government-issued ID is needed. Nevertheless, renewal and revision should not be considered as a burden, but as a way to continue enjoying the privilege of driving legally in the Philippines. It helps DL holders avoid legal repercussions or getting charged with a criminal offense if you are caught driving with a different name on your driver’s license. After all, the LTO driver’s license is an important and valid government-issued photo ID that can attest to your identity claims almost everywhere in the Philippines. The LTO violations also correspond to certain penalties and some of them may even lead to your license being suspended or revoked.

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