LTO Region 15 – CARAGA Administrative Region (CARAGA)

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) Region 15, also known as the LTO CARAGA Administrative Region (CARAGA), is one of the regional divisions of the LTO in the Philippines. Like the Central Office, this regional office also manages and oversees the LTO agencies in the cities and municipalities within the territorial jurisdiction of the CARAGA region. The LTO branch agencies within the region, on the other hand, implement the projects and enforce the rules and regulations in the cities and municipalities within its geographical area of responsibility (GAOR). The LTO CARAGA Administrative Region (CARAGA) regional office, along with its LTO agencies, ensures that the Secretariat and its services are accessible, making it easier for both the public and the agency to work together towards a safer, more efficient, more convenient, and more affordable land transport service in the local area.

Known for its wood based economy, its extensive water resources, rich mineral deposits, alluring islets, dozens of caves, picturesque landscapes, fabled “pipeline” and top-billed waves, and rich marine delights, the CARAGA region is not your regular recreational destination which makes it an attractive destination for those who are in for an adventure. It is also an ideal home to many private and public offices like the LTO, thanks to the events that some parts of the region regularly hosts. 

lto region 15 caraga office location and contact number

What is LTO Region 15? 

Known as the LTO CARAGA Administrative Region (CARAGA), the LTO Region 15 is an administrative region of the LTO located in the northeast section of Mindanao. It has a rich land, blessed with mineral and water resources, and is home to the Surfing Capital of the Philippines, Siargao, as well as five (5) provinces: Agusan del Norte, Agusan del Sur, Dinagat Islands, Surigao del Norte, and Surigao del Sur, six (6) cities: Bayugan, Bislig, Butuan, Cabadbaran, Surigao and Tandag, 67 municipalities, and 1,311 barangays. These provinces and cities house numerous LTO agencies within its jurisdiction and these LTO agencies make up what is collectively known as LTO Region 15 (LTO CARAGA Administrative Region). With the LTO CARAGA agencies, the Secretariat makes it easier for the people in these parts to access and avail of its core programs and services without having them spend so much time and money to leave the area. 

Mission and Vision of LTO CARAGA

Like the other LTO agencies and regional offices, the LTO CARAGA Administrative Region (CARAGA) also operates under the same mission and vision as that of the LTO Central Office.


To rationalize the land transportation services and facilities and effectively implement the various transportation laws, rules and regulations. It is the responsibility of those involved in the public service to be more vigilant in their part in the overall development scheme of the national leadership. Hence, promotion of safety and comfort in land travel is a continuing commitment of the LTO.


To be a frontline government agency showcasing fast and efficient public service for a progressive land transport sector. 

Functions of LTO CARAGA

All the LTO agencies share the same purpose and functions as that of the LTO Central Office, including all the agencies under the LTO CARAGA Administrative Region (CARAGA).

The LTO functions offered in the CARAGA region include:

LTO-Serviced Cities and Municipalities in CARAGA

With LTO working to be a more efficient and convenient frontline agency, they have set up branch offices in various strategic locations within the CARAGA Administrative Region (CARAGA).

These LTO offices are as follows:

List of LTO Agencies in CARAGA Region

LTO also placed 11 different types of agencies under the jurisdiction of LTO CARAGA. These LTO agencies are strategically placed so the agency can offer their service to as many people in as many different areas in the region as possible. These agencies are then categorized as follows:

  • District Offices (DO)
    • Bislig District Office
    • Bayugan District Office
    • Butuan District Office
    • Cabadbaran District Office
    • Dapa District Office
    • Patin-Ay District Office
    • Surigao District Office
    • Tandag District Office
  • Extension Offices (EO)
    • Trento Extension Office
  • Driver’s License Renewal Office/Center (DLRO/DLRC)
    • DLRO Robinson’s Mall Butuan
  • New Registration Unit (NRU)
    • New Registration Unit

List of Services Offered by LTO Agencies in CARAGA

All the LTO programs and services are created to help monitor the drivers and the vehicles and ensure that the roads are safe, while they promote progress for the local land transport sector. It is the same for the LTO agencies in the CARAGA region.

Some of the most common LTO services include:

  • License and Permit
    • Student Permit
    • New Driver’s License (Non-Professional)
    • Conductor’s License
    • Plain or Advance Renewal of Driver’s/Conductor’s License and Renewal of Driver’s License of Filipino Living Abroad
    • Miscellaneous License Transactions
    • Renewal of Driver’s / Conductor’ with Examination [Expired for more than two (2) years] and/or with ten (10) or more but less than forty (40) Demerit Points
    • Change Classification from Non-Professional Driver’s License (NPDL)  Code to Professional Driver’s License Code with Same Driver’s License (PDL) Code
    • Additional Driver’s License Code/s
    • Conversion of Foreign Driver’s License to Philippine Driver’s License Including Renewal of Expired Philippine Driver’s License with a Valid Foreign Driver’s License
    • Change Classification from Professional Driver’s License (PDL) Code to Non-Professional Driver’s License Code (NPDL), Dropping of DL Code and Change Clutch Type
    • Request for System Updates (RSU) for Double License
    • Request for System Update (RSU) for License and Customer Details/Misrepresentation of Age/Identity
    • Accreditation of Medical Clinics – New
    • Accreditation of Medical Clinics – Renewal
    • Registration of Physicians – New
    • Registration of Physicians – Renewal
    • Accreditation of Driving School / Driving Enhancement Program Training Center – New
    • Accreditation of Driving School / Driving Enhancement Program Training Center – Renewal
    • Accreditation of Driving Instructor – New
    • Accreditation of Driving Instructor – Renewal
    • Examination for Driving School Instructors
    • Driving Enhancement Program (DEP)
  • Vehicle Registration
    • Initial Registration of Motor Vehicle (MV)
    • Renewal of Motor Vehicle (MV) Registration
    • Storage of Motor Vehicle
    • Miscellaneous Transactions
    • Re-Stamping of Engine/Chasis Number
    • Request for Motor Vehicle Verification
    • Motor Vehicle Inspection
  • Miscellaneous Transactions
    • Duplicate OR/CR
    • Duplicate Plate
    • Transfer of Ownership
    • Annotation & Cancellation of Mortgage
    • Revision of Records
    • Duplicate License (for Lost Licenses)
  • Insurance
  • Proper Driver Education
  • Law Enforcement
  • Collection of fees from law enforcement violations
  • Drug testing
  • Emission testing
  • Inventory of Plates
  • Issuance of Vanity License Plates
  • Issuance of Special Plates
  • The use of self-service kiosks 
  • Process Application for New Driver’s License (DL) via the Automated Driver’s License Examination System (ADLES) Facility 
  • Accreditation 

Note that while all of these services are offered by LTO, some of them may not be readily available in certain offices in the CARAGA Administrative Region (CARAGA) due to limited facilities. That is why, it is best to check with the LTO branch you intend to visit first to see if they are offering the service you require before you make the trip.

How to Contact LTO CARAGA

All of the LTO offices are created to be accessible. This is to help make their services more accessible and to help them reach the people faster. They are also strategically located so they can better regulate the drivers and vehicles and maintain road safety in the region. The LTO also ensures that all of their services reach the people who need them through an LTO agency. That said, they also made it easy to reach out to the LTO CARAGA regional offices, including the LTO regional office in Region 15 or to any of the LTO agencies in the region. They can be reached either by making a call, sending an email, or sending a message to their official social media accounts. They may also visit any of the LTO agencies in the CARAGA region.

Contact Information 

For information, questions, concerns, or complaints, you may contact LTO Region 15 via the following:

Land Transportation Office Region 15 (LTO CARAGA) – Office of the Regional Director

Agency Code: 1500
Office Address: J.Rosales Avenue, Butuan City
Telephone Number: (085) 8171634
Head of Agency: Mr. Joel R. Consulta
Email Address:,
Official Facebook Page:
Operating Hours: 8AM – 5PM (Mondays-Fridays)

Where is CARAGA Administrative Region (CARAGA)

Caraga, officially known as the CARAGA Administrative Region (or CARAGA Region) is officially designated as Region 13. However, for LTO, CARAGA refers to LTO Region 15, an LTO administrative region in the Philippines occupying the northeastern section of Mindanao. The region still covers the typical parts of CARAGA, including the five (5) provinces: Agusan del Norte, Agusan del Sur, Dinagat Islands, Surigao del Norte, and Surigao del Sur; six (6) cities: Bayugan, Bislig, Butuan, Cabadbaran, Surigao and Tandag; 67 municipalities; and 1,311 barangays. It’s regional administrative center sits in Butuan, the most urbanized city in the CARAGA Region, and the home of LTO CARAGA Regional Office. It has a total land area of 18,846.97 square kilometers (7,276.86 sq mi), and is bounded on the north by the Bohol Sea; in the south by the provinces of Davao del Norte, Davao de Oro and Davao Oriental of Region 11; on the west by Bukidnon and Misamis Oriental of Region 10; and on the east by the Philippine Sea of the Pacific Ocean.

Google Map Location

To learn more about the different driving directions or travel routes to the CARAGA Administrative Region (CARAGA) or to the LTO Region 15 regional office, you may check the maps below:

CARAGA Administrative Region (CARAGA)

Land Transportation Office  (LTO) Region 15

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