LTO Caloocan Office Location and Contact Information

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) Caloocan is a crucial government agency located at Araneta Avenue, Caloocan City, and is responsible for the regulation of all land transportation within its jurisdiction. The office is responsible for vehicle registration, driver’s license application and renewal, and the issuance of student permits. It operates from Mondays to Fridays, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. This office ensures that all transport vehicles are compliant with traffic rules and regulations, providing an efficient transportation system within the area. The office’s dedicated personnel undergo regular training, ensuring that they can deliver quality customer service to the public.

As a city known as the Motorcycle Capital of the Philippines, it is not surprising that Caloocan City houses not just one, but three LTO offices within its territory. Serving 188 barangay with over 1.5 million residents, the LTO Caloocan Offices surely have their hands full assisting the Caloocan city populace in terms of LTO motor vehicle (MV) registration and licensing needs. 

Caloocan City got its nickname as the Motorcycle Capital, as a fitting tribute to the huge number of motorcycle dealers housed in the area. Having said that, it is only fitting that the city houses two LTO offices — the LTO Caloocan District Office, the LTO Caloocan Licensing Extension Office, and the LTO Caloocan Driver’s License Renewal Office.

In this guide, you can learn more about the specifics of each LTO Caloocan offices, along with its particulars—operating hours, services offered, and complete contact information.

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What is LTO Caloocan? 

When talking about LTO Caloocan, then you are referring to either one of the three LTO offices in the area—the LTO Caloocan District Office and the LTO Caloocan Licensing Extension Office. The two offices are both LTO offices, but they are two different offices, offering very different services and functions to the people living in the city. 

To learn more about what each LTO office has to offer, we have created a short brief on each one, detailing the types of LTO services that can be availed from them, along with a few pertinent information worth keeping in mind when you visit.

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Where is Caloocan City?

Caloocan is a Philippine city located in the northern part of the National Capital Region (NCR). It is separated between south and north Caloocan, thanks to the checkered history of its declaration of independence. The southern part of the city is bounded on the north-northwest by Valenzuela, Malabon, and Navotas; on the east by Quezon City; and in the south by the City of Manila. North Caloocan, on the other hand, is bounded on the north-northwest by the province of Bulacan; in the south-southeast by Quezon City; and southwest by Valenzuela.

The city of Caloocan houses over 1.5 million people in 188 barangays. The people are generally okay,but around 54,953 living informal settler families (ISFs). Among these ISFs, a good 6,841 lives in danger zones, usually after rejecting the city government’s housing program, which includes in-city and outside the city resettlements. 

LTO Caloocan District Office

LTO Caloocan District Office is just one of the many branches/ district offices owned and managed by the Land Transportation Office (LTO). From its name alone, it’s easy to surmise that this particular office is located in Caloocan City.

It serves as one of the LTO branches under the LTO NCR West Region and is in charge of LTO motor vehicle (MV) registration transactions in the area. Though it is right at the city center very close to the capital region, unfortunately, it is not yet digitized in offering it motor vehicle registration transactions.

In fact, this particular office is not yet among the serviceable offices that entertains registration procedures conducted via the new, online-based Land Transportation Management System (LTMS). Simply put, MV registration transactions using the LTMS online portal are not yet processed at the LTO Caloocan DO so you can expect long queues at the LTO Caloocan district office when you visit. 

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LTO Caloocan Licensing Extension Office

Just like the LTO Caloocan District Office, the LTO Caloocan Licensing Extension Office is yet another LTO-managed office opened in Caloocan City. It shares the same address as the district office, but it is actually a separate office with different set of functions and services offered as the other one. It is only recently opened too, in October 2022, in a bid to offer licensing services in the city instead of sending people over to LTO Novaliches Driver’s License Renewal Office (DLRO).

LTO Caloocan Driver’s License Renewal Office

With the opening of this new LTO Caloocan Driver’s License Renewal Office (DLRO) in Caloocan City, thousands of drivers, not just in North Caloocan but in Quezon City as well, may now renew their license not far from their place. This also means that the LTO Novaliches District Office which used to be so crowded may now be decongested as a huge number of people applying for renewal of driver’s license in the area are expected to visit the new Caloocan DLRO. 

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Services Provided by LTO Caloocan Office 

The following services are available at the following LTO Caloocan offices: 

List of Services offered by the LTO Caloocan District Office 

  • Motor vehicle (MV) registration
  • Motor vehicle (MV) renewal
  • Motorcycle registration
  • Motorcycle registration renewal
  • Documentation updates
  • Change in color
  • Public utility vehicle registration

List of Services offered by the LTO Caloocan Licensing Extension Office 

List of Services offered by the LTO Caloocan Driver’s License Renewal Office 

  • Driver’s license renewal applications (NPDL, PDL)
  • Student permit renewal applications
  • Conductor’s license renewal applications

Video: LTO Caloocan DO Motor Vehicle (MV) Registration

Learn more about how to process an MV registration via one of these LTO Caloocan offices by watching this video from LTO Caloocan DO:

How to Contact LTO Caloocan

There are various ways to contact LTO Caloocan. You may go through the LTMS portal or the LTO head office, or if you are interested in some of the easiest ways to reach out to any of the LTO Caloocan Offices directly, you may reach out to the specific offices via the following contact information:

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Contact Information

Caloocan District Office

Agency Code: 1304
Office Address: BUTEL Building, Brgy. 79, 18 Araneta Avenue, Caloocan City
Telephone Number: 83641183
Head of Agency: FerdinaExtensionnd M. Magno
Email Address:
LTO Caloocan DO Facebook Page: @LTOCaloocanDO
Opening Hours: 8am to 5pm

Caloocan Licensing Extension Office

Agency Code: 1306 / N25
Office Address: BUTEL Building, Brgy. 79, 18 Araneta Avenue, Caloocan City
Telephone Number: 83613884
Head of Agency: Jaclyn S. Gamboa
Email Address:
LTO Caloocan EO Facebook Page: @KalookanLicensingOFFICIAL

Caloocan Driver’s License Renewal Office – Zabarte Town Center

Agency Code: 1311 / N52
Office Address: Zabarte Town Center, Camarin Caloocan City
Telephone Number: 87088918/ 87089783
Head of Agency: Ma. Cristina Rose L. Baclao
Email Address: 1311dmpao@ltoportal

Caloocan DLRO – Araneta Square Mall

Agency Code: 1305 / N31
Office Address: 4th Floor Araneta Square Mall Samson Road, Monumento Caloocan City
Telephone Number: 89270634
Head of Agency: Amelita C. Raymundo
Email Address:

Google Map Location

These LTO Caloocan offices can be found by following the driving directions and instructions detailed here: 

LTO Caloocan Offices

Caloocan DLRO – Zabarte Town Center

Caloocan DLRO – Araneta Square Mall

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